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02 Jun
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Smiles from the Lockdown

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Tehreem Tasawar 1 month ago

Woooww !! congratulations !! she's beautiful 😍😍😍😍may god bless her !!! evil eyes off !

Dotun Awosika Deetee 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your wishes and prayers, it means a lot to us.

@victoraffiang 9ja 1 month ago

Woooow that calls for celebration my friend, congratulations for welcoming a new life to the world. Am happy the condition of hospital during the lock down didn't stop the baby from coming. All glory to God 🙏🏿

Muhammad Tahir Latif 1 month ago

God is great. He showers his countless blessings on his creature.

🛡 Shakir Khan 1 month ago

Conguralation dear sir. Welcome to the new baby on this world. May Allah give him longe life and protect him every kind of leeringly.

My best wishes with him.

Dotun Awosika Deetee 3 weeks ago

Keep on praying for us, I am becoming to believe that this lockdown has a lot in store of blessings for us all.

Vivian Okpegboro 1 month ago

Awnnnnn . Congratulations!!!!

Welcome to his beautiful world baby Jasmine. God will keep protecting you and direct you path. Grow in the wisdom of God

Dotun Awosika Deetee 3 weeks ago

Wisdom, protection and perfect growth are indeed great prayers and i am happy to share this good news with everyone here.

Faith Patrick 1 month ago

Wow! The baby is so beautiful. Congratulations dear. God is indeed faithful

Dotun Awosika Deetee 3 weeks ago

Thank you, funny he looks more like his mother than us, by merely looking closer.

Faith Patrick 3 weeks ago

Awwwn. That's sweet still. I actually thought him to be a girl. Lol. Now I know better


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