Skincare Tip No.1🌸


We use facewash or mild soaps in daily routine to wash our face. Keep these things in your mind how to choose products for washing face and how to use them:

🌸Always choose organic facewashes or soaps to be used in daily routine. Products high in chemical composition are dangerous for skin, especially mercury.

🌸Make sure that you choose season related soaps or facewashes that are suitable to your skin according to weather. Excessive dryness or oil on your skin is not healthy for your skin.

🌸Foaming facewashes and soaps are for summer season and oily skin. While non foaming are for winter and dry skin. For combination skin you strictly have to focus how your skin reacts according to weather and season.

🌸Always massage your facewash or soap for about 40 seconds to 45 seconds to catch better results. As this long massaging gives time to the ingredients in the facewash or soap to act better on the skin and give you related results.




Hamza Ashraf
16 Oct

Organic things makes our skin healthy and young. Not just for skin but also for hairs we should choose organic shampoo.

Thanks for giving tips to add in skin care routine and for guiding which facewash is best in summers and which in winters.

You always come up with something beneficial.


Pius Emmanuel
16 Oct

This is really cool... I will have to try this procedure on my face... And the choice f saop right... I hope it helps remove acne...


Adetola Muheez
16 Oct

Very useful skin tip..I treat pimple on my face daily as you mentioned in the last paragraph

wash my face at night with soap with enough massage to clean the dirt n oily surface then apply skineal that works perfectly


George Dee
16 Oct

Thanks for the tips, many would say it is for ladies but there is no crime for a guy to have a good skin.

I really don't do the mask stuff but I ensure I bath with medicated soap as well.

I rely most on what I take to make my skin look good. Eg fruits


Ghunchii R Vlogs
16 Oct

thanks for these tips. could you please recommend any organic face wash so i may use that? my skin is dry so i also use non foaming facewashes


preview not available Esma Sid
16 Oct

Organic ones are available at iq organics, skindeep, saeedghani, hemani and many more.


Ghunchii R Vlogs
16 Oct

ok i will go for saeed ghani as i have used its neem soap before and it was too good for acne







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