Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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Friends, i am talking about "Sir Syed Ahmed Khan"

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was an important leader of Muslims of the Sub-continent. He was born in 1817 A.D, in Dehli. He belonged to a noble Syed Muslim Family.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan got education  despite strong financial problems. Soon he was forced to join a government service.

He was promoted to the post of Sub-judge, because of his ability.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did a lot of work for Muslim nation in his free times. He started to work for enabling the Muslims to get education.

He was shocked over the revengeful action of British against Muslims in 1857 A.D. He decided to help the Muslims and formed many educational centres.

He was the first to promote the two nations theory in the Sub-continent.

Sir Syed  declared the Muslims and Hindus two separate nations. He promoted this theory in his articles and columns.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan set up school, colleges, and Alighar University. The British Government awarded him the title of "Sir" due to his best services.

Sir Syed emphasized on Muslims to get English education. He was of the openion that by doing so, Muslims can get development. That movement of Sir Syed made positive impacts on the Muslims of the Sub-continent. Because of his struggle Muslims got awareness and they got the key-posts. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan did work day and night for the education and development of Muslims.

He visited many places and asked for the financial help from the well to do Muslims.

The role of Muslims in the Pakistan Movement became strong due to the movement of Sir Syed.

He died on 26th March 1898 AD.

He was laid to rest in the premises if Alighar Muslim University, India.

At last the academic movement of Sir Syed Ahment Khan  got tremendous success.

Leader of Pakistan movement followed his ideology and got guidance from it.

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08 Feb

The first leader of the sub-continent of the Muslim nation, he is the first leader who started the movement of independency and academic, education and as well as established instituted.


Tayyab Ali
08 Feb

Sir syed Ahmad khan was great men. 

May Allah rest in Peace.

May Allah safe all of us.


Tahir Naveed
08 Feb

Sir syed was really great leader of muslims  .Especially their educational services for muslims are admirable .He play golden roles for muslims of Subcontinent .


Marina Nawaz
08 Feb

Yes we never forget the educational services of Sir syed Ahmad khan thet are the legend heroes of our country


Minahil Khan
08 Feb

 sir Syed was a great leader of Muslim sub continent 

He was a hard working and kind man 

He always loves with Muslim 







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