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Artificial intelligence has marvelled to bring unique techniques to bring out mechanisms and machines to pursuit procedures in certain fields especially aircraft, martial bravery, heavy duty vehicle practices etc. The biggest contribution is towards martial bravery, where no actual warfare schemes are carried out when soldiers are getting trained. Military simulators are just like aircraft simulators that help gain experience and practising certain phenomena. There may be some inaccuracies related to target, focusing and action upon target, but it helps alot to get trained.

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Most of the experienced people related to the field might not find this much useful who prefer pin point accuracies and want to avoid flaws. Hence these can also be only used as hobby games but in actual these can help atleast to build experience based on predictions regarding warfare. The differences between reality and predictions is focus which is different in both the cases. Real warfare schemes give no time and only action on time is required where as these simulators just provide timely predictions those aren't as much useful.

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In military simulators, arose an issue that at certain locations only the indicators worked and a certain positions they were failed to convey gestures about a matter. As this was the most important matter of the warfare mechanics, they are used mostly as war games by the retired officials or as leisure activity for the officials. 



M.A Khan
02 Jan

Yes @Esma S simulator at some point not work properly through which these are not good enough but yes at the same point these are useful in war. Due to experience they are great to handle the situations.


Cherry Harryianne
02 Jan

- @Esma Ma'am Artificial Intelligence is the modern day intelligence and very useful in many ways and's still a man made creation or programmed by humans, there's still limitations and this couldn't react on any unexpected circumstances that is not included in the preset program..And has good and bad implications too.. Informative article indeed Ma'am!

Blessed Morning!🌷


Oluwafemi Olofin
02 Jan

Games generally assist in building the intelligence of human beings. It helps in giving us that mental alertness needed in life especially when one is under pressure.


02 Jan

Well you are right about precise accuracy.. in engineering or anything that deals with technology or carrying military Operation or even in company work process layouts. Accuracy is necessary for efficiency so to achieve this accuracy.. they run simulatioms of the real Operation in the Virtual world exempting the practical errors that can occur.. but when applied it is almost accuracy compare to the virtual simulations


Osas Justice
02 Jan

Hhmmmm... This is a lot of tutorial on Stimulators and War game. Though I am not used to any of such but I must say I go with the Stimulators, based on what you've disclosed about it. You pretty laid more emphasis on it than the other.


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