When your heart keep beating fast, when your tears keep falling on your cheeks, when your heart feel intense pain and you think that you're dead now and when its hard to breathe but you're crying silently and your mind just keeps recalling the whole things. 

This is the worst pain I ever faced in my life. I never thought silent cries would be so painful.(published this on

This morning, I was about to end up my life but I don't know what was the thing which were behind me to stop this I think that's the power of Allah Almighty because I was fed up of crying whole day and night because again someone killed me inside and my expectations.

 The only thing which anyone can easily seen was only darkness around me but the worst pain is that no one was able to see this darkness around me.

Whenever sadness overwhelmed me, I tried to jot down my whole feelings and start writing everything in my mind but I can't open up my mind in front of anyone else because no one can understand your pain they just feel it so it's useless to share your feelings or emotions with anyone who don't understand. 

So I was talking about ending up my life. Believe me I was tired of Everyone and everything and overthinking was running into my mind and I even texted my friends too that I'm depressed please help me before it's too late..

You know what their reaction was

 " HAHAHAHAHA, you and depressed nice joke Maryam" 

This is the reason, I'm afraid of open up my sadness with everyone and I think mouth shutting is better than anything.

Then I thought Maryam who the hell they are? Why are you hurting yourself because of those who left you alone? They are already gone with their own choice then why are you hurting yourself? 

It's time to move on and no more cries Maryam..No one deserve your tears or to be loved or cared. It's your own life. Live and let them live happily and try find your own fate.

So I ended up with result

Mental health is compulsory I know there are many of us who are just pretending to be happy but they are suffering inside, doesn't matter they don't need pshycological and emotional support. 

It's better to move on instead of hurting yourself for those who don't deserve your love and care and  never open up your emotions and feelings to anyone they'll just moke you and always pretend to be happy in every case. 

No doubt Allah Almighty is with you ❤️.

​This picture is captured by me which shows darkness everywhere and I spend my 2 days within this darkness Lol.

Have you ever experienced of silent cries??

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rabail fatima
20 Apr

Yes everyone of us face this situation hardships are part of life we have to face problems bravely and6yes we should have great believe on allah we shouldn't lose hope allah is always with us if we are alone


Odukoya Ewatomi
21 Apr

You took the words out of my mouth. We should only look up to God


Shehryar khan
20 Apr

Indeed when the person are sad so our heart in pain so we have need to cry shoutly and in that's time in our body have decrease of oxygen so we have need to taking deep breath......


SaRa AbBaSi
20 Apr

The jolly person always face this situation...its the hardest period of life...Depression is something which kills your will of living...But we must never be hopeless..Time will chnage and better everything.


Asim Abbasi
20 Apr

I can understand the feeling you are trying to portray...When you have been the happiest person in front of everyone, no one believes what you are going through...Its hard to pretend that you are okay when you arent actually..


Muhammad Naveed
20 Apr

If you are feeling sad and alone  you need to the silent cries but if you share with people that mock you and make fun of you that's why we are always cry silently when we feel sad and alone


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