Shuriken Finance Intro, CSE, WISE, BETFURY,TEWKENAIRE, MOONS Update

Hello, today I do an update on a lot of the projects that I am invested in on Tron and the Wise Project. I also take a look at the Shuriken Finance project. It looks a little like Shark Tron so this is a DYOR kind of project before you get into the stakes. The USDT pair is one of the ones where you can't unstake the money that is why it has a crazy APR. I am not going to give them USDT because I would want to make sure that if the token goes down then you lose it. Still, it can be fun to put small amounts in these newer projects. Betfury faucet is smaller due to some abuse of it and raises of BTC price but staking token is still doing great for me. A bit harder to farm for free but fun to watch my balance grow. CSE and Moons are still going with their staking platform and the next update should be one what else they have planned. The Wise project had some big days with a lot of ETH adding to them but maybe the next few days will be less if you want to join in check out the last Wise video for more info. Twekenaire is still running after a drop in price the APR went up as people exited. I am just farming away and will see how it goes. Let me know what you think of these and if you have a good project I should look at. I am trying to find new gems but it is hard.

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