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Willy Ryu 6 months ago

I agree with you but i believe that people who have a lot of points like maybe over 20k and already lvl 20 or higher would withdraw some 1up it depend but in my opinion we should look into the future of uptrennd and it potential i believe that withdrawing will get the coin some trading volume but if you look into it uptrennd is becoming somehow an advertising coin since we post crypto related infos and it can influence lot of people with our post and i believe we will reavh the 1 usd value once we burn more token and we get the app

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

I love your thought on this cos I share same thought too.Am looking forward to the BIG PICTURE!!!

Willy Ryu 6 months ago

Just wait and hold when it reach the gap of 0.50 usd abd we are going to party on the uptrennd army

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Yea yea! bring it on!

Osato Jegede 6 months ago

Why shouldn't we be happy, it's a sign that our efforts are not in futility. Generally human beings finds it difficult to live outside of the five senses. Hence they are more concerned about evidence. Hopefully, with the withdrawal and deposit enabled, it will go a long way to silent critics that Uptrennd is not a scam and that we’re here to stay. Though, Critics will always be critics, nevertheless we welcome their constructive criticism. 

Alberto Dionisio 6 months ago

That will be an awesome thing to investors that don't post a lot for example just post when it matters to be able to deposit some 1UP to level up their accounts..that will bring too much awareness to the project and credibility in the crypto space ?let's keep spreading the word.

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Great analysis you have here Alberto! Thank you

Dotun Deetee 6 months ago

I am indeedly happy because, since i joined uptrennd, I have expanded my network. i am less of the 1 UP withdrawal gravitating person; as my focus is active leveling up till i reach my upvote multipler focus of level 30.

Betty Ozemoje 6 months ago

Way to go Deetee. thank you for expressing your thought

Olufunminiyi Ojo 6 months ago

Definitely it worth celebrating!!







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