Should HR use age limit for job application

Early this morning, one of my neighbor was telling me about a job opening but she was complaining bitterly that she has exceed the age limit. She thought of going to a court and swear an affidavit of age declaration but she said there's no way she can change her year of graduation. This is a person who has not been  employ over the years and now opportunity has come that matches with her career prospect but age limit problem. Even if  she has gone to swear an affidavit of age declaration and find a way to change her year of graduation. How sure she will be employ?

Nigeria is a country where things are not just working normal. Many of us still don't know we are living in a deadly Nation.

I stand to be collected!

My question, is do you think it's right for HR in Nigeria to be using age limit for job application? 

For me, it's not right. We live in a country where the rate of  unemployment is above 60%. It's worthy to note that many of the unemployed youths graduated with sound results coupled with exceptional skills but because we live in a country where there are no industries who are ready to employ, it's why many are not been engaged.  Who we employ those set of people who has exceeded a certain age limit? Nigeria is a deadly Nation where things have never been normal even without/ with COVID 19. Believe it or not education has failed us as a country.

Banana Republic.


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