Have you ever had a taste of Shawarma? Well, I did and I just tell you. It's one of the best to take.Β Β 

I happen to know how to make Shawarma. I learnt it over time. There was in fact a time I made over 300 shawarma in one day πŸ˜‚. I still don't know how I survived that day.

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Well, I got to make Shawarma for myself once more and it was even better than the last time I took one. I was in a bad mood and wanted to get myself better and the only food coming to my head was Shawarma.Β 


  • Tortillas (shawarma bread)

  • Cabbage and Carrot

  • Chicken and Beef (well stocked shawarma πŸ˜‚)

  • Sausage πŸ˜‹

  • Then the cream (Made of Mayonnaise, Ketchup and Milk)

Β Ordinarily mentioning them here. It's a ready food. I only managed to make it cause I was so hungry for the shawarma πŸ˜‚.Β 


Place the Tortillas on a Board. After you must have sliced the cabbage into Small chops and grated the carrot to look so delicious, you add them on the Tortillas.

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>>After you must have fried both the meat and the Chicken, you add them to the Cabbage and Carrot on the bread.Β 

>>Add the spices, for me IΒ only like to add chilly pepper to it.Β 

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>>Now it's safe to pour the mixed and well made cream on it. Then mix it all together on the board.

>>Place the Sausage on the mixture. For me, I always prefer to add two sausages to my Shawarma πŸ˜‹

it should look like this when you're done with it πŸ‘‡.

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>>And then close it up. Place it on the grill and wait for it to get completely done.Β 

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Β Can you see why the Shawarma made me whole? 🀀. You're really missing out if you haven't had a taste of my shawarma right here. I would have given you but I don't think there's a way to send food through uptrennd. So just watch as I bite through it πŸ˜‚.


All images taken by Aniss Emma.

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Chidiebere Christian
14 Nov

Enjoy yourself bro. It's very good to eat all these but not always. I like that chicken flavored shawarma too


Aniss Emma
14 Nov

Hehe. I sure will my man. You're very experienced with shawarma to have one that you like though. And that's good. Just do well to have a taste of the one you're entitled to cause I don't think I can share this πŸ˜‚


RinNy Mboro
14 Nov

You're making us to salivate

Obviously you're having the best of your time over there

I have only tasted shawarma twice and it was a lady that made me do so 😁

Just maybe with the steps3 you've given,next time I'll taste it il make it myself 


Aniss Emma
14 Nov

You're confessing little by little my man πŸ˜‚. So a lady made you take it. And not just once again. Hmm πŸ€”. You haven't yet told the full story πŸ˜‚. 

And you should really try it my man. It's one that always makes you satisfied for getting it.


Uwem Ekanem
14 Nov

Wow. Thus shawarma looks very tasty and delicious. I wish to take a bite of it. I really love shawarma. Indeed, I can see why it's made you whole. 


Aniss Emma
14 Nov

Hmm πŸ€”. Why do I have the feeling you didn't fully read the post. You would have seen a lot more to say if you did. The post was self explanatory and I added a little comedy to make you read it all. But for some reason I'm feeling you didn't do that. Prove me wrong would you?


Kenechukwu Ezeme
14 Nov

What do you mean?

Are we not in the same country again?

I'm not the type that will sit back and watch while you enjoy the shawarma alone so sit up and send my own to my location before I announce your name on radio station 🀣🀣

Chaiiii... Emmmm, is this your entry for the contest organised by our Chancellor?

It seems like you are planning to make our Chancellor and every other person to watch this sumptuous shawarma without having a taste of it 🀣

I'm not going to support that oooo so, do the NEEDFUL and and mine 🀣🀣


Aniss Emma
14 Nov

Of course it's my entry πŸ˜‚. I just can't bare to keep it holding and decided to share it immediately πŸ˜‚. I don't think there's need to add a hashtag is there?

 And I can't send it na πŸ˜‚. Will you come to my location to get it? Oh! I know what to do. πŸ₯™. Shawarma  in it's best form. Don't finish it cause I'd still have from this too πŸ˜‚πŸƒ


Kenechukwu Ezeme
14 Nov

Hahhahh... Your Hashtag is #UUGoodFood so that it will be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf 🀣🀣

Hahahaa...  Just send it oooo. Your name will soon be announced in 2:00 news if you fail to send this 🀣🀣

Woww... But how did you manage to make that amount of shawarma in a day?

Nawa ooooo...  Are you a BOT or a machine 🀣🀣


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
14 Nov

That's really have amazing taste. One of my favourit.... Yummy..

Thanks for sharing the recipe. 


Aniss Emma
14 Nov

What did I tell about? What question did I ask? What did you learn from the post? 

You didn't answer to any of the things I said on the post. And you didn't even read the topic to even have said something about it 🀦. Now this is just wrong and you should do well to be better.

I believe you know what uptrennd is all about. Make sure you keep to what it asks from you 


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