Shanghaiyan Noodle Platter🍝

Noodles are always my preference when it comes to try some chinese food at dinner. I tried  Shanghaiyan Noodle Platter for the first time and it turned out nice. I'll give the recipe some other day because i got tired after preparing this lengthy dinner. 😅 

 So i'll go briefly on how the dinner was. I prepared chilli chicken for the platter that is cooked in the essence of garlic and chilli. Boneless chunks of chicken got nicely tender in the sauce i prepared in it. And the white sauce might not be clearly visible ( i might buy some dark dishes to make sauces visible😝). 

The sauce was prepared from mayonnaise, black pepper, garlic paste and milk.
 I wanted to prepare mushroom sauce with this but unfortunately i didn't get mushrooms nearby and i don't like frozen mushrooms.



preview not available Skyway Poster
04 Dec

Wow such a delicious dinner , I can't stop myself to eat such a delicious dish of noodles 😋 You really an expert lady in cooking different recipes. 

That you found the alternative of mushroom's sauce instantly.

I usually eat chiken biryani and noodles a little, and I think fresh mushrooms are full of nutrients instead of preserved , 

But i never tasted them in my life , how is usually mashroom's taste?


preview not available Esma Sid
04 Dec

I didn't make mushroom sauce but instead i simply created sauce with mayonnaise 🤤


preview not available Skyway Poster
04 Dec

Ohh there is alternative used i mean mayonnaise. Anyway it would be delicious.


Tayyab Hasnain
04 Dec

Nothing can be compared to the taste of noodles..

It is my first choice and preference whenever I'm alone at home..

I would wait for your recipe of this platter..


Laraib Iqbal
04 Dec

IT looks delicious. I love noodles and I tried a lot of recipe for it. Mayonnaise is heavy and I don't like it. Well, I will wait for the recipe.😍


preview not available Esma Sid
04 Dec

The sauce from.mayonnaise wasn't heavy at all. I'll share the recipe someday🤤


Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
04 Dec

Wow 😮 ! 

  It's looking 👀 amazing and exactly

it would be delicious. 

Waiting for the recipe. I am not a good chef.  But I will share the recipe with my sister who will try it.  


Chidiebere Christian
04 Dec

This shangaiyan noodles looks very much yummy. I love the sauce with the ingredients especially the chilli, mayonnaise, black pepper and milk. You really are doing well ma'am


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