Sergio Aguero Case

Aguero says that he still wants to stay in England.. After his departure has confirmed, Aguero name was talking in La-Liga.. Specially Barcelona took interest on him at first.. But later they have turned their target to Haaland and Harry Kane..

And after that Aguero announced that he wants to stay in England.. Yes, he loves to play in English Premier League.. And he is thinking in the right way because EPL is the greatest league in the world by far.. Isn't it?

Anyways, i am following Kun Aguero since his first Atletico Madrid days.. He was only 18 years old when he arrived Atletico from Independiente.. He has played 175 LaLiga games with Madrid and scored 74 goals.. He also dished 29 assits as well.. With that amazing performance Manchester City paid him 40M euros in 2011 summer..

In Premier League he just exploded.. In 271 EPL games he scored 181 times..(!) And created 54 assits.. One of the greatest EPL performance in history right?? (He has also won the Top Scorer title in 2014..)

By the way he has also 41 Champions League goals.. In total he had 375 goals and 119 assists in 652 games.. And he would play 3-4 season if he has no injury problems.. I believe we are talking about one of the biggest forward in history of football.. Isn't he one of the biggest for you too?

I will never forget his championship goal in last second in 2012.. (

If we check his National Team stats, we would see 52 more goals.. A machine which programmed for scoring..

What will happen next? Chelsea and Arsenal are biggest candidate for him if he stays in England.. But i strongly believe that he should consider about Italy Serie-A.. Juventus or Milan would be perfect match for him... His football would be very suitable for Italy.. He is 32 years old now and he is not young anymore.. Serie-A football is not fast as EPL, so he would do better there in my opinion.. Let's wait and see..

Thank you for reading me..


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Mubasher Mahdi
02 Apr

Aguero is the real hero. Indeed heroes are polished by determination. I can see his goal at the end of time and it stunned everyone. It's like a Majic. I am so happy to see this statistics. Life inspires us and asks us to do what is good for us. He is doing great and we pray for him to stay healthy and away from injurious days.


Anthony Eri
02 Apr

Beautiful article! Sergio Aguero is infact my favorite striker who have performed in the highest level for almost two decades. I'm a Chelsea fan and I must confess Manchester City were blessed to have him. I remember when Chelsea wanted to sign him but our manager then opted to sign Torres. Yes, he's 32 now and doesn't have that speed anymore but he still has the experience and I was excited when I read on Skysports that Chelsea are leading to sign up Aguero and since he's interested to still stay in England, he would easily choose Chelsea over Arsenal. 


Suny Ag
02 Apr

Although my knowledge about football is limited and I know a little about big names and I consider Sergio Aguero and consider him as a good fighter. Maybe La Liga is interested in other players but does it make any difference to Sergio Aguero? He is happy with EPL and why not??? After all, EPL is the Mecca of Footballers.


Wisdom Chinonso
02 Apr

He's a great player and he loves English football I pray that arsenal get him I'll be very happy and I also wish him good luck on every side.


Atanda Davido
02 Apr

Well said, serie-a is not stressful and competitive like the EPL, age is not by his side so I support he should move from England, but I wish him success in any of his choice







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