Self Discipline

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Self Discipline

No one taught me how to look and see but I taught myself not to say everything that I see, no one explained to me how to hear sound but I manage to listen more than to reply to everyone that I hear, life is good when we have self discipline.

Many would have lived longer but, they are dying at young age due to lack of controlling their inner man, many Forget their own issue and another man problem had become their own body pain, life is good when we have self discipline.

Many are called to be a witness in court of law, which make them an express way into their grave, many Forget to discipline themselves, due to five minutes enjoyment, they destroy an innocent little girl, life is good when we have self discipline.

Many have become ritualists due to the fact that they can't endure for main time, many are now doing some dirty business due to the fact that they need hurried money, many neglect their race and run another man race, life is good when we have self discipline.

Live your life with full of self discipline, do your thing with belief that nothing last forever, even your tears will soon disappear, what you gathered without discipline will be destroyed by dew but even heavy storm can't shake what is made with discipline, life is good when we have self discipline.

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Gul E Adan Shah
28 Jun

Thats the spirit.we should follow these manners


Zarnish k
28 Jun

Self discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind


Olatunbosun Bossman
28 Jun

Discipline is one thing that many people lack lof discipline has Lead many people to their early grave and has destroyed the life of many people


Pius Emmanuel
28 Jun

Discipline is one of the principle of live...and parents play a big part in making sure their offsprings are disciplined...


Kosamotu Waheed
28 Jun

No Self discipline, no achievement of goals that are being set 







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