Self confidence.....

A dove had built its nest on a dense tree in a garden in which she lived with her children all day and also chewed the seeds. She was very happy because now the children's hair was coming out. One day the dove was told by her children in a state of great distress; "Mom, it looks like our nest is about to be destroyed. Today the owner of the garden came here with his son and told him that it was time to pick fruit. Tomorrow I will bring my friends with me." And with their help I will pluck the fruit of this tree. I have a sore arm so I can't do it alone, I need the help of my friends. " "Don't worry, he won't come here with his friend tomorrow or pick fruit. And then it really happened that neither the owner of the garden nor his friend came there. In the same way, many days passed and one day he came back to the garden. Even then, the dove was not with her children. He stood under the tree and said, "My friends did not keep their promise, so I could not pluck the fruit from here, but I will do it tomorrow because they have promised to come." When the dove returned, his When the children told this to the dove, she said carelessly, "Children, don't be upset, because neither he nor his friends will come." So the day passed, and according to the dove, Neither the owner of the garden nor any of his friends came there. The dove's children were now a little more satisfied. A few days later, the owner of the garden arrived with his sons and stood under a tree. "My friends are only nominal friends, they have no sympathy for me. Promises have been made many times but now I don't need their help. I myself will pluck the fruit of this tree together with all of you tomorrow. Anyway, I should trust myself instead of trusting others, that's the best thing. "When the dove heard this, she said in a state of anxiety." We have to get out of here immediately. As long as the owner of the garden was relying on others, his work was not going on, but today he is relying on himself and intends to pluck the fruit himself, he will surely succeed, so now we have to leave here, Then she flew away with her children.

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Gulsicka Khan
19 Oct

yes, man must have self-confidence


Mujahid Ahmed
19 Oct

self confidence is the art to be successful in life.







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