Security is for everyone to take serious, which is why leaving it to the government alone is insufficient, unwise and risky, as they won't be there all the time to protect you or your loved ones.

There will always be people whose intentions will be negative, evil and pure stone cold. This is why an awareness or tips on how to protect and defend yourself when necessary  is very important.

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For starters, it's very crucial to let another person know where you are or plan to be, so you are certain, another person is aware of your location and possibly who you are with. You never can tell when it will come good.

Also, be careful not to walk alone at night in isolated areas known for criminal activities, the movies are spot on with these, "crime thrives when the right conditions are in play".

However, it sucks not to be able to call for help when you need it, to avoid that, it's advisable to save emergency numbers of law enforcement agencies, who are trained to respond accordingly. You might just be a dial away from saving a life.

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Always be watchful and vigilant of your surroundings, not that you become paranoid and crazy, but sometimes we can spot danger before it even happens, all it takes is more awareness and alertness. 

Don't be caught off guard, security is in the hands of all of us. Stay Safe!!!


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Zain Shafqat
29 Dec

This world is place of good as well as bad people. 

Some loves us and some hates us. 

For our own security, we all need to be protective.. 

Security starts from ourselves first


George Dee
29 Dec

I believe 911 is restricted to countries.

You are absolutely right, depending on the government alone to provide security for us would be disastrous. We have to be very vigilant and observant about the things going on around us.

Walking alone at night is dangerous 

Leaving security doors open.

Flaunting expensive things in dangerous

All these things can endanger us, therefore we have roles to play in security matters as well


preview not available Adelan o
29 Dec

Every country has thier emergency numbers, and yea flaunting of wealth on the social media space is unwise also


Mariovic Idungafa
29 Dec

As human beings,

We have our own part to play in life..

We should be vigilant of ourselves because no one loves us the way we love our own self..

Security start from our very own self not from anyone else ,not even the government


preview not available Adelan o
29 Dec

That awareness is very important, some don't care or bother. Security should not be toyed with.


Eunigold Paul
29 Dec

Wow! Thanks for this sir. This things you mentioned is very important especially letting people or your family members know where you are going.

Sometimes it is better to walk in groups instead walking alone in an isolated place full of criminals.

Thanks for this guide sir, we should all adhere to these as to keep ourselves safe from evil people 


preview not available Adelan o
29 Dec

Yes, sometimes I try to inform people I trust of my location, especially if I am out with people I don't really know that well.


Muhammad Zulfiqar
29 Dec

I agree with you dear. Security start from our self and we should take it seriously. The people which think that security is duty of police or government are totally wrong. Security start from our selves


preview not available Adelan o
29 Dec

The govt can only do their little bit. Many times they don't even have the capacity to cover the population, this is why extra tips and awareness is important.







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