Secure your password and don't have same passwords on different websites

Dear Uptrenndians, All of you will be well acquainted with the password and we will read the password almost every day.  

It works like a key on various websites, just as we can secure our home by locking the key, so the password is very valuable to us when working online.  And it plays a vital role in protecting our precious assets.  

Today I am talking about this topic because in the online world many scammers are always ready to rob people.  And they discover new ways to get people back.  And usually simple people like us choose their passwords in a very simple way that makes it very easy for a scammer to guess. 

I urge you to make your password as difficult as possible.  And our passport should be so long and wide that no one can even guess.  It should also include large and small alphabets, and numbers and symbols.  So that our passwords can be protected in the best possible way.  

And secondly, as we use different websites on the Internet, we should never keep the passwords of all these websites the same.  The password for each website must be completely different from the other website in each case.  

Because a website may be fake and have the same password and attack our other assets.  And at the same time we should have a two-factor security indicator. 

 This will greatly increase the security of our online assets and make it very difficult for a scammer to guess our password.  Secure yourself dear friends and secure your online assets.  

This is for the goodness of me  and for all of you and you should avoid free tension.  

Be happy forever.

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preview not available Kamran Akbar
20 Sep

We don't know which web is  legit or fake. If we put same password then surely you are giving a way to hackers to steal your assets. 



Aniss Emma
20 Sep

It sure will come in handy for those that aren't security conscious especially with the giveaway that happened of recent too. Just make sure you take good care of your privacy and never reveal it to anyone



Kinza Khan
20 Sep

I saw it in places but also on youtube but i don't understand but you understood us very well today and now we can secure all our things thank you very much 



Asim Abbasi
20 Sep

for me i think its a good thing if we write down our password in our dairy than save on a broswer because sometimes by some mistakes we can lost our data then we cant remember the all things so write down on a page is better than save 



preview not available Skyway Poster
20 Sep

This is best idea to save our password and we know that all the browsers and apps can have access to our passwords and if we have password in shape of screenshots that would be hacked easily



Sadiq Raimi Adewale
20 Sep

Having a strong password that contains number and probably sign is the key to get away from scammers and make sure you have different password for different site too, this will protect us from unforseen stealing of the our information or hacking of our account.








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