ScottCBusiness $SCB Memo.Cash Token Listing And Benefits

In this short post, I will be listing the reason why I created my own token and why you may want to acquire some to take advantage of the benefits I will offer to the holders of the ScottCBusiness token with ticker symbol $SCB.


It’s currently only listed on as a BCH token. I don’t expect this to get a ton of traction as this is really just something I’m testing out, but I will be 100% dedicated to the holders. The idea is that you are supporting me and my work by holding the token, but rather than just it being a donation to me, you will be listed in a leaderboard fashion. This way it is gamified. This is a way for me to support my followers for supporting me without having to put up paywalls on my content or take anything away from the free viewers.


The price will from now on always be listed at 10 Satoshis regardless of demand to keep it reasonable. It’s not about supply and demand, but rather a loyalty token that will yield many different rewards which are most free publicity.


Benefits To Holding The Token

  1. You will be supporting me and listed on a gamified token leaderboard.
    1. Once a month I will shoutout to the leaderboard and leave a link for people to check it out and potentially more often than that (cadence is subject to change).

  2. At the end of my YouTube videos and in other places where I have signatures listed where possible, I will list the account names of the top 3 holders of my token.

  3. I will share some of my earned tips on with the top 5 holders.

  4. I will only be following, and the top 10 holders of my SCB token on the platform.

  5. When I list the top 3 holders I will also list the name of the most recent buyer so even someone who acquires a small amount still may have the ability to get some exposure .

  6. Future benefits to come….  


Also feel free to make suggestions of ways I could shout out or support my holders to entice people more and show some love.


Below you can see a screenshot of some of the balances holding $SCB listed here:


The direct purchase link is this:

Let me know what you think about this and be sure to check me out on here:


The current top 3 holders aside from myself are @Justincredible, @HANT, and @Cryptovato. Also, shoutout to @Justincredible for recently buying 56,000!



Dee Dan
09 Jul

I will be supporting you on this. I encourage other members to join and support you too. 



Dozie Kash
09 Jul

This is wise and a great business strategy. A lot of benefits will come from this in the future. I'll invest a token when I have enough money, because I intend to be among the top 3 holders



Ikechukwu Ndukwe
09 Jul

This is a very comprehensive message you have given here and the great benefits listed too



preview not available Lucas S
10 Jul

Pretty cool experiment, honestly, and a great idea! I would love to see where this leads, so I'll look for the leader board and any updates you share.



rokoktexhijau -
10 Jul

Just bought some SCB 🤩👍



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