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The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle because it is a very mysterious place and there is a lot of research going on and many questions are being raised about the mysterious disappearance of Aircrafts and ships.

The first issue was raised in 1950 and in 1976 But it is a mysterious problem that even science can't say anything about.

First it was reported that there is a magnetic force that is in this place and then it is a force that pulls the ships and aircrafts towards itself and in the same way they get mysteriously lost but still this magnetic force Couldn't discover.

Some said that this mysterious lost of ships and Aircrafts was due to bad weather and storms and there is no other reason.

While some people say that there are some hexagonal clouds here which are like air bombs and when planes pass by, they blow them up. 

It is also said that there are methane hydrates around Bermuda that explode from time to time and that's why Aircrafts and ships lost due to this.And then in the same way everyone is mysteriously lost.

Some people say that there is a natural force that is everywhere and it is all happening by nature but to this day nothing is known about it.

But the mysteriously missing of aircrafts and ships are unknown and are still being investigated and I don't know how last this will be.



Princess Busayo
23 Nov

Will there ever be experts to solve this problem of ships and aircrafts disappearing? Can we say it is also part of creation or someone actually planted it there to claim lives? This is strange though and I hope solutions should be done as soon as possible. 


hassan raza
23 Nov

but now Every few years, a story goes viral claiming that experts have finally solved the Bermuda Triangle mystery. thanks for sharing this informative post with us.


Maha 🇵🇰
23 Nov

Yes a have also heard about this misterious triangle that has some kind of megnatic forces that attracts each and every object towards itself and then nothing left behind. It is the most scary thing.


Tayyab Hasnain
23 Nov

Science has discovered the stars & Galaxies far away from here...

They should discover about this Bermoda triangle as well..


Fiha Shah
23 Nov

The Bermuda Triangle isn’t haunted or mysterious when you think about it. Nobody has answered it I also anxious to know about the logical answer to this mysterious triangle.







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