Scammer wind ups telegram chat

We've probably all been targeted by scammers,  I bet most of you have had someone DM you about a scammy investment opportunity where you can make $500000000 a day. Luckily telegram and most other messaging services make it very easy to block them... but what's the fun in that?! 😂😂.

If you're someone who prefers to wind them up theres a group on telegram you really need to join. 

Be careful on here as it's not a group for anyone who's easily offended,  also, we dont instantly ban scammers who join instead we wind them up first. Have your wits about you whilst in here.

Please feel free to get involved and post any screenshots of your 'work'. Try to post screenshots all together and in the correct order. 

Although this isn't a group for anyone who's easily offended, admins will remove anything too abusive or offensive, (including anything seen to be racist, sexist, etc). 

If your going to get involved in having a laugh with scammers please keep any wind-ups you do fun and lighthearted. Remember they are human too.

See you guys over in @scammydodgers



Donkyzhang Nobert
05 Mar

Some scammers are so intelligent and smart enough to trick even the most keen into their traps. 


preview not available Kris JS
05 Mar

Agreed but not in this group they're not! It's monitored by several admins at all times. It's just a lighthearted way of having fun at their expense. 


preview not available St3v3 T88888
05 Mar

Ive never had a jammy dodger for ages but this is just a step to the next level haha


Zizy Mena
05 Mar

Is This like a telegram group for scammers? I do not understand. Please elucidate 


Chris Dan
05 Mar

No, it's a telegram group primarily for people who like to mess with scammers and wind them up. If you want to join the group and look at some of the screen shots you'll soon get a feel for it. 


preview not available Kris JS
05 Mar

This is a great little group guys, it's a light hearted way to get your own back on scammers. Some of the material on there is hilarious. 


Jessica Rosemary
05 Mar

I have notice alot of scammers dm me on Instagram, i just skip replying and be like who is next😂😂


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