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27 Aug
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Say NO to Plagiarism, and YES to Original Content!

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Busola Akinlolu 7 months ago

Excellent post yet again Jan, thank you for always reminding us on how to navigate our way here and get better at all we do. I sincerely find airdrop post annoying, cos i really don't understand them, i think if they adopt these measures then it might make it easy for us to flow with airdrop. And again sometime i try to look for images to fit into whatever i am writing about if i don't have my own created image, but now that i know, I'll make sure to share the link for the image shared. I am not one to get involved with plagiarism, i believe in writing from the heart and uptrennd has helped me to discover that part of me which I'll be forever grateful for.

Thanks again Jan, your level of teaching is amazing.

Jan Bouda 7 months ago

Busola, what I have seen here besides some small issues is an amazing progress of all the community, willingness to learn, be open minded, a lot of positivity, solidarity – that’s really hard to find somewhere else. On Youtube, Facebook, Reddit – I’ve noticed that some people like to attack other people just for having different opinions and here on Uptrennd the environment is totally opposite. Regarding to airdrops, I would recommend there more explanation about each project because they would have more success with conversion rate IMO.

Elena Demou 7 months ago

This is super important for the future success of this platform. If we keep having posts plagiarized, we will never have a good google ranking and the platform will not grow at the rate that we need it too. The success of the site directly affects the success of the community. Excellent post Jan!

Jan Bouda 7 months ago

I remember what I have learnt from you, Romana and Luke – Quality over Quantity. That applies perfectly for this issue. And what I have seen in my case and in cases of many other people, OC posts are then ones that bring the real value for this community and people usually get also more upvotes. When I see some OC around here, I realize that there is so much potential and talent in this community, that’s what really keeps me amazed every day.

Elena Demou 7 months ago

Absolutely, and I noticed people are posting more OC than they used to in the past!

Romana Grubesic 7 months ago

ALL MEMBERS SHOULD READ THIS. At least for their own benefit. Some day somebody will steal you content. After all, you are all posting to earn points and not to collect downvotes. People don't like fake OC or c/p posts. Don't build reputation of copycat that collects downvotes...

Jan Bouda 7 months ago

100% agree Romana. 

We have to become aware of all the actions. Building our reputation and advancing on Uptrenndian path is a gradual process. But what I have seen so far is a great friendly environment full of support, guidance and solidarity on Uptrennd.

Jarau Moses 7 months ago

It is good an Uptrennd administrator has written this!!

I was disturbed in the early days i joined here with the copy and pasting of articles!!

I in fact personally wrote a post asking what qualifies as original content!!

I always strive to write original content and that is 95% of the time.

I know the implications of plagiarism and I got to know about it first hand from Steemit, we have a bot there called Cheetah that  automaticaly checks all posts after they are posted.

If a person is caught many times copying and pasting, he/she is banned until they appeal for forgiveness hehehe.

In addition to my original content I will now add the 80/20 rule .

Thanks for this post, hope people learn.

Btw I have never been a victim of cheetah on Steemit hahaha ..!!!!

Jan Bouda 7 months ago

Jarau, what I have seen since I entered to Uptrennd the quality of the content has dramatically improved and people are writing more OC because OC is a really good business. For example when I check the profile the C/P articles earn 1,2 up to 12 upvotes for example but the OC upvote in average is at least between 35- 65 range, some Uptrenndians manage to get up to 150 or more upvotes. So I think it’s much more profitable to produce your OC because you can also share it across different social media.

Alberto Dionisio 7 months ago

Great info you have here, it's something that many of us doesn't read the ''terms" but when I joined i tried to read some and that helped me a lot and with your post I just opened more my mind. One thing that I like at Uptrennd is the Team Commitment to explain the really purpose of the Platform,and always helping members to maximise the earnings following the rules of the site...well-done Jan more Great Article?

Jan Bouda 7 months ago

Alberto, I will make a confession – I almost never read the Terms and Conditions, and I acknowledge that didn’t know much about them.   I usually was just ticking the box of T & C without considering, but basically it’s a legal protection for any site. A lot of things that the VA’s team has to prevent are basically stated there. Now if we spend here a pretty good part of our existence and hopefully many years of all our participation hereby, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with that. 







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