SAVING ~ a way to loose money

These two terms investment and savings are means and ways to safe keep your money. 

But do you know that one of the terms is as easy as spending?

The term is saving...

Now, with saving you don't have the thoughts to multiply the money, or atleast yield some income from it. It simply stay in the place of abode, possibly devaluing if the currency is not a stable one. 

Keeping the money in such state can bring to disadvantages, like when inflation occurs and you'll come to notice that a commodity that you bought 5 dollars for example has risen to 7 dollars then in such a situation, you'll be dazed not knowing what to do.

Keeping money in the bank and lying that way is one of the ways of saving that is very dangerous. 

Yes it's dangerous, because you might be thinking that your money is safe meanwhile you're loosing on a daily, to commissions, rates, bank charges and so on.

Hence the need for investing.

When investing, you have to get a better return and when things like inflation starts to escalate you don't get disturbed as you have made higher gains already.

You can invest even digitally in different ways like smart contracts, buying and selling of crypto, etc

And for offline investments, I always advice you go for real estate investments because it seems like the most stable of all.

Now one important factor to note also is that in investment you can loose money that way also, because so many forms of risks are involved in it and it requires rapt attention and advice from experts.

Choose for yourself which to do...

Invest or save.

I remain Chukwubueze Esomonu




Saviour Essien
26 Nov

You have written well. Savings is good if you are keeping the money for a specific purpose of not it’s better to invest so you could yield more income in a short or long term. 


Raphzodi Segun
26 Nov

Saving only help keep ur money without adding any value while investment help multiply ur money so, it is advisable we choose investment rather than saving.


Tayyab Ali
26 Nov

I think if you have less amount of money you should invest it instead of saving it.

Through investment your money is multiplied but with savings it can't be possible. You must be investor and then be a saver. 


El Salvadore
26 Nov

Yep it's does not border on less money.


You can also invest even with large money


Chidiebere Christian
26 Nov

Invest is the best but a wise and legit investment o else the person looses everything


Humaira Khattak
26 Nov

Yes of course it's right that invest and saving make our life bad or good. So there for we should invest in proper conditions and for good earning and saving 







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