Hi friends, trust you are all doing great and staying safe. The fun dosent end on the Uptrennd platform and this is why you all need to get ready for more fun at Uptrennd Casual Chat as we enjoy the weekend together.

We have two fun events lined up(Trivia & Picture Games) and to make it more fun we transformed the Trivia to a Trilogy(3), so we have triple the fun.

Details for the Events include.

Trivia Topics- Sports, Geography, Entertainment.

Date- Saturday, January 23rd, 2021.


Time- 4pm UTC (5pm Nigerian Time, 9pm Pakistan Time)

Hosts- Javier Andueza & Adelan O

This is for everyone, mark it in your calendar🗓️, set your reminders, tell your friends to tell their friends, invite everyone to connect to the best social media platform ever, because it's going down tomorrow, lots of 1up tokens to be won🤑, as we activate more fun powered by Uptrennd.

See You There!!! ​Header​​​ designed with the Pixlr App.

Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria.



Essa sherazi
22 Jan

Sir, there will be a lot of fun this weekend and I will really enjoy this amazing fun.

  I will not miss this great fun and opportunity. Because I'm so excited for it.


Atanda Davido
22 Jan

Coming from the big birds themselves, I won't want to miss the one in a million fun, if you are not here by 4pm Nigerian time then you are no where


preview not available Adelan o
22 Jan

I doubt you will want to miss this, and it's 5pm Nigerian time. 👍🏾🥳


Frank Chukwu
22 Jan

This weekend will be great and good for me because my friends birthday is coming up


preview not available Adelan o
22 Jan

Dosent mean you should miss the fun we shall have too. Fun everywhere🥳🤣. Happy Birthday to your friend in advance. 


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

This platform is also great because of these activities outside the platform for the enjoyment of people.I will sirely joining the group for this.

It seems that its the real site that i was searching for.

Hahaha i'm new so i will tag you there when i join😂


preview not available Adelan o
22 Jan

This is the best site ever, I thought you will have joined already😄😁, you are free to tag me🥳


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

Yeah sir i'm falling in love with this site because i was followed by 6 guardians on my first day 😂lol😂

Hahaha sir make it more best for me by adding yourself with these 6 to make it 7😂

I was trying to join these channels yesterday but because of network problem i missed it.Now i will definitely join it.

Thank you for your polite reply sir❤️


Gohar Ali
22 Jan

Yes another activity,, i am sooper excited


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