Satoshi Theory and the African Story

Africa as a continent has been known to the world for economic backwardness. Different developmental theories have been used to mirror the continent's challenges, but have often failed to yield positive results. Although we cannot excuse the Western Countries from being a contributing factor to developmental challenges of the Africa Continent. 

To excuse the African people as a major cause to their own problems would certainly not make logical sense. Who would have thought that among the numerous theories that there may eventually come one that's diverse from the rest, one that would eventually revolutionize the continent for greatness. 

It's called the Satoshi theory, the decentralized nature of the theory that doesn't give room for formal government and international politics to manipulate the citizenry through financial regulation. 

The Satoshi theory is working big time to empower the forgotten Africa people, through the cryptocurrencies and blockchain based social media. 

At last, we finally got a modern that works for the benefit of all regardless of continent's, economies, and national boundaries. 

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Chidiebere Christian
23 Mar

Am happy the Satoshi's story is influencing our African societies as many youths are investing into Cryptocurrency and are really cashing out. We can't wait for more to join this moving train 🚆


Faith Patrick
23 Mar

It makes more sense that Africans are now like bulls who don't need anyone to drag them by the horn. Mass adoption towards what is beneficial has been on an increase and in due time, there will be just a few restrictions that wouldn't mean much.

 This is Africa setting to financial freedom. This is us seeing the high correlation of cryptocurrency and it's advantages.


23 Mar

You are absolutely right Osato, this theory is the best from the rest, the fact that crypto currency is widely accepted and used globally is a major shift for African countries to move ahead of civilization.


Merit Ahama
23 Mar

This is great news for us Nigerians, it isn't over until it is really over. 

Thanks to the Satoshi theory that is making positive effect on our Country Nigerian. 

Thanks for sharing this with us here sir. 


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
23 Mar

that was good to see that Satoshi is coming in world as Africa builder and people of Africa are grooming as good citizens







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