SAFEPAL big airdrop backup by binance...!

SAFEPAL wallet airdrop

Hello everyone 

Happy New year 🎉🎉🎉

I hope you are all well sounds and enjoy the new year celebration and enjoy the uptrennd platform. I want to gift you on this new year occasion and that is a big Airdrop.

Project wallet, partners binance, harmony, Tron & UNISWAP. The big and good news is about the legitimacy ,this project officially announced by binance owner on Twitter. It's look like very big project must jion and grab the free airdrop tokens opportunity.

preview not available

Download wallet
🔹Click software wallet+Create Password
🔹Click again software wallet+Click create wallet
🔹Backup pharse
🔹Click banner "jion safepal community" then it's redirect open telegram bot there you need two simple tasks jion telegram group and channel after that write on bot "OK" and submit it you get a "CODE" copy it and submit now on wallet app claim SFP option you get free 20 tokens. Follow Task to Claimed
Click join refferal program
Enter in I'am Invited code: "NDN2NG " (+ 25 SFP) if you not put this code you can't get bonus 25 tokens must put the code this way can get 45 tokens free.
Invite friends get on each= 25 tokens.
There is other tasks with relate money like you need to deposit eth ,btc ,BSC on your this new wallet and get the Airdrop bonus token it's your choice you do or not but don't miss the free opportunities.



RinNy Mboro
01 Jan

From all said i believe this airdrop is legit especially as binance owner said it on twitter

Thanks for sharing this


Mohammad Wasi
01 Jan

Yeah bro you can check the latest tweet on Twitter.







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