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Safe Walking Alone after Dark in a Foreign City

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Jaime Marie 2 days ago

Time to hire some bodyguards for my trip 😂😂

Skyway Poster 2 days ago

Yes, this is the great idea to safe ourselves

Jaime Marie 2 days ago

I'll be spending a chunk of my trip with some guy friends, so they'll just have to suffice I think 😂 the rest of the time I'll be with one of my best friends and her family, and we will only be out on day trips! 

Skyway Poster 2 days ago

Walking alone in foreign  ,in night is too much risky we always fear that is there any robber that may loot us.

I personally always fear from this situation.

And you talked about first ray of sunlight ,there always a good natural scene to enjoy the blessings of nature.

And you always remembered to capture your visit scenes in camera.

Kostas Tsakaloglou 1 day ago

It's risky to walk alone at nighrs, but it's not 100% that you'll have a problem.

Haroon Oktar 2 days ago

This is great how we can prevent in other city 


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