Sacrifice = Love

What exactly is love, I have spent the whole of today read through various posts and only came to one conclusion; Love is dynamic and can actually be what you want it to be for you. 

However, the core definition of love which we all do not really want to accept is simply Sacrifice! Love is all about giving in all ways, regardless of whatever you get back in return. Most of the time this is really dicey, as it is almost unrealistic based on the fact that we all want it all on a bed of roses. We get all shinning while dating and get carried away with the emotions of the moment, by deterring the real essence the love as a typical reality. 

Love goes way a longer than just the affections, dating, marriage, to be honest, it is indeed making concrete and conscious decision to commit one's life to another knowing it may be thrown back in your face. However, I am always of the opinion that the two persons who claim to love themselves, come all the way out as openly as possible without holding anything back. The end of this simple experiment will be realized in a very short time, this is if sincerity is kept in high esteem.

Loving is actually acceptancemost of the time it is best to grow together with your partner. Humans evolve over time, bringing forth various kinds of personality; now the love is put to test to determine if both parties can live together with the flaws for a lifetime. When both parties agree to either adjust making a difference or simply accept their flaws with the belief of banking on the emotional rhythm. 

Love knows when to say goodbye: Interesting enough, there is a beginning and a moment of the end. This goes in 2 ways and they both start with the letter 'D' (Death or Divorce). 

Love is actually all about time, season, reality and a cogent decision.



saleem khan
09 May

Love meant you if you  accept a person then you don't see how he is  you sacrifices your happiness for the happiness  of him you always worry about him. You accept him with his all bads and you not love him but everything  related to him.



Ijaz Ahmed
10 May

Friend, you are right, love is something that can make a man mad, and I have loved him very much, and I am very mad in love.



Amal Fatima
09 May

True love is sacrifice. it is in giving, not in getting, in losing not in gaining, in realizing not in possessing that we love. 



Success Anthony Oseyi
10 May

Oops then this should be out to get then. Thanks anyway



idunique Etim™
09 May

The controversies and heated arguments surrounding the concept of love, seems it will never have a generally accepted definition.

Just like you said, people tend to explain it from their own experiences and perception. But the , no matter how we all continue to pour out how we define it, there qualities which it must not be bereft of, and Sacrifice is one of them.

Thank you speaking on this Mr Dotun, do have a blissful night rest. That is, if VAs do even have time to rest.😊



09 May

Love is all about acceptance and agreement .

But love knows when to end ? I guess it is falling out of love then 

This is nice thanks @Dotun



Akintunde Hussein
09 May

Believe me, Double D, you have said it all. You just nailed everything about love.

To me, Love is putting others first. Love is making a sacrifice for the hearts of the two. In fact, the whole universe was created on the basis of love. Love is what holds any relationship, friendship. Love is all we need



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