Root and conscious !

All living beings mean not just conscious objects, but root-conscious both.  Scientifically, everything has its own nature. 

That is called religion.  Every power has its own religion. Where there exists, there is religion. 

Some religions are the same for all creatures and some are specially made for humans, diet, sleep etc. which are for every living entity.  All these occur in normal organisms. Humans worship Param Purush (Ultimate soul). Humans know what the goal of their life is, why they were born as humans. 

They know that the goal of their life is the Supreme Man. This idea is rooted in humans and due to this idea, humans adopt the path of cultivation. Because of this quality, man is there.  Where this property is not there, man is not a human being.  Man has independent intelligence.  He can think, he understands what to do, what not to do.  He knows the difference between good and badi.  A person who does not do righteousness is inferior to an animal.  'All-encompassing' - Ghosts are not just roots, not just conscious, ghosts can be roots, they can be conscious. Supreme men are the spirits of all ghosts. 

People say that the root power is not the soul, so how can the ultimate soul be the conscience of the root?  

As far as the conscience is concerned, it is both in the root and also in the conscious.  But the soul which is at the root is latent and the soul which is in the conscious is expressed.  

Why is the soul of the root latent? 

Because the mind is not exposed. Hence, they are paramount men. Supreme men are in all things  He is also at the root and also in the conscious.

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Muhammad Amir
24 Nov

 Great and outstanding piece of thought our aim in life and why we are superior as human beings from other creator just soul and faith inAllah pray to Allah ,help others







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