Role of women in security

Some women play important role in the process of security.

 Muhammad Khurram Khan, a professor of cybersecurity at King Saud University and founder and CEO of the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research in Washington, said it was an honor for Saudi Arabia to receive such an award.

 He told Arab News that the special award was commendable and noteworthy by the Saudi government for bridging the gender gap in technology.

 He said that empowering women in cybersecurity education and providing equal opportunities is an important step in the cornerstone of the Saudi Vision 2030 project.

He said that Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid digital transformation which will create more than one million jobs in the digital sector in the next few years and women can take advantage of this opportunity.

 Saudi women represent more than 50 percent of university graduates.

 He said that they are a great national asset which has the potential to play an important role in the social and economic development of the state.

 Acquiring skills through training, entrepreneurship and skills development programs is key.

He said that participation of women in the field of technology was essential so that they could play their role in the national invention ecosystem.

 The awards for the 2020 World Internet Governance Forum program were announced at the United Nations Headquarters.  The event was also attended by Wadha Bint Zara, Director of the Ministry of Women's Empowerment in Saudi Arabia.

 The organization reflects the Kingdom in enhancing the role of women in all fields and encouraging young women to advance under Saudi Vision 2030.

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Nadir Ali
12 Nov

This is very good news for Arabic woman the Arabic government give aqual right to the woman in our Islam give equal right to woman just like is very good step to enter the woman in technology field.


Maryam Ghaffar
12 Nov

You are damn right dear , women play an important role in our society.  Wow it's good news that Arabic women are using technology  they are taking their part in the development of country. 







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