Road To $1 Billion Market Cap! VIDT Datalink with Marnix Van Den Berg and Joshua Jenster of V-ID

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Joining us today is Marnix Van Den Berg Founder of V-ID and VIDT Datalink and Joshua Jenster the Lead Business Developer at VID.
V-ID allows organizations to protect their data from fraud and manipulation using blockchain technology and besides exchanges is one of the few very profitable companies in the blockchain space right now. They call it securing digital assets with blockchain-powered certification. They’re already providing this service to companies including airbus, IBM and amspec.

1:19 An interesting concept, especially with the rise in tech and its ability to manipulate data, so tell us more about where did this idea come from?  
2:40 Could you explain in simple layman’s terms the benefits of VIDT Datalink? 3:53 From a technical perspective, how does the project work? 
4:23 What do you consider to be the most exciting use-case for VIDT? (Actual or potential use-case) 
6:53 Some of your clients include AmSpec, Amsterdam Vintage Watches and Airbus, this is quite cool, what do you do for them? 
14:12 Have you been in contact with IBM recently regarding the installation of sensors for the Internet of Environment project? Do we know anything on the timeline for roll-out of these sensors? 
16:54 The diamond consortium project looks extremely interesting. What are you looking to do in this industry besides certifying documentation? Could the physical diamonds be certified? 
19:00 As VIDT Datalink seeks to forge the industry standard for file protection and to become the leader in your field, who do you consider to be your main competitors and how will you rise to the top? 
21:36 Since you’re dealing with data have you come into any regulatory or compliance issues?  
23:25 You also launched your own token called VIDT in October 2018. What is the use case of the token itself? What will drive it to a 1 Billion Dollar Market Cap? 

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Junaid Waxir Yousafxai
24 Aug

I want to take this road to one billion 😨


Sabelo Mbombela
24 Aug

Great video and is very informative. Its good to see that blockchain technology is being used for good things.Data privacy is very important and it's certification means that no one can claim someone else's work.


Hasni Khan
24 Aug

All aur amazing but I like uptrend bcz I Love this site it's so amazing


Afghan Bhai
24 Aug

wow so wonderful and informative your post keep it up


Scholastica Kosy
24 Aug

Nice one.. thanks for sharing.. good morning


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