Riyadh: Cricket will now be played in Saudi Arabia as well.

Riyadh: Cricket will now be played in Saudi Arabia as well. Ambassadors of different countries have expressed happiness over the Saudi government's plan.

 According to the Saudi website, the diplomats of the cricketing countries have expressed happiness over the programs launched by the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation to promote cricket in the country.

 Last week, the chairman of the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation (SACF), Prince Saud bin Mashal Al Saud, announced in an interview major plans to promote cricket in Saudi Arabia and outlined the steps to be taken.  , Which will increase the participation of local citizens and foreign immigrants in the game in the community, clubs and globally.

 The Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation has signed a number of agreements and MoUs with government, semi-government and non-government organizations.  These include plans to raise awareness about the sport, increase cricket facilities across the country and introduce Saudi youth to the sport through school programs.

 Cricket has been popular at the community level in Saudi Arabia for decades, and diplomats and other dignitaries from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom have supported new plans to increase engagement and promote harmony among different nationalities.

 Raja Ali Ijaz, Pakistan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said it was gratifying to see such progress in the SACF in just one year.  I am personally very happy that cricket is taking root in Saudi society.

 "We Pakistanis are really passionate about the game and the start of cricket activities in Saudi Arabia is nothing short of a loving treat," he said. "Hopefully, the SACF chairman's vision will be successfully implemented."  His schedule for the 2021 tournaments is impressive.

 These competitions include the National Cricket Championship, which is played in 11 cities and is part of four programs, signed by the SACF with the Saudi Sports for All Federation.  Held in February 2021, it is the largest cricket tournament in the history of Saudi Arabia.

 Neil Crompton, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia, also expressed happiness, saying that as a cricket fan, I am always happy to see others play.

 Among those welcoming the changes in Saudi Arabia is cricketer Abdul Qadir Khan, who is currently playing for the Riyadh Cricket Association and has represented Saudi Arabia at both junior and senior levels.

 He said that cricket in Saudi Arabia has now got government patronage.  



Abdur Razzaq

That's a mega step toward new initiatives by the Saudi government. Sports are the soft image of any country. Being as champions of many formats we Pakistani should welcome their entry in this game formate







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