RISE PROTOCOL — The world's most advanced synthetic rebase token.

​Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has seen an explosion of new types of financial products on the blockchain. there has been a lot of discussion currently on yield farming, Bitcoin tokenized on Ethereum, Uniswap, and flash loans. One other segment of the crypto space that is interesting to watch is elastic supply tokens, or rebase tokens.

The unique mechanism behind them allows for many experiments. Let's take a look at how this token works.

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The world's most advanced synthetic rebase token, Rise Protocol combines revolutionary features and tokens with the best and the latest in decentralized finance (DeFi) technology.

RISE is the next generation hybrid rebase token. It is pegged up to 0.01 ETH but with dynamic and adaptable pegs to be able to peg any asset depending on investors and market sentiment. Frictionless Results, Automatic Liquidity and Automatic Reward Distribution make Rise Protocol a key synthetic asset.

Feature Rise Protocol.

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So, what are the features? Interesting enough, the project offers key features that help in creating a dynamic rebase system. There is nothing very apparent, but the technology can assure users how the project will take care of its token and address the issues.

  • The Rebase Token

The project creates its native currency as the rebase token. The token is RISE that is pegged to ETH for around 0.01. The rebase system goes with up and down conditions, or you can call it the increase or decrease of the RISE token.

If it goes below 5% of the peg price for three consecutive days for each 20:00 UTC, then the supply of your RISE token will decrease. That goes on opposite when the RISE price goes offer the normal price at 20:00 UTC. Then, the supply for your token will come with the additional value, which goes straight to all users' wallets.

  • The Dynamic Peg

The project also offers fairness that also works for the assets. In this case, the token can clinch for any assets, calculated metric, or asset class. It will be the future solution for the market sentiment or investor. The initial peg price will be 0.01 ETH.

  • Auto Liquidity Generation and Auto Distribution Of Liquidity

Liquidity providers will gain extra for a portion of every transaction. It goes the same way with the portion, which is always locked into liquidity.

  • Supermassive Black Hole

The features help in the burning address that accrues RISE. In this case, the project will employ a mechanism to scale overtime. The solution also helps in providing deflationary effects for your assets.

  • Frictionless Yield

Rise protocol uses Frictionless yield that is considered new in the realm of cryptocurrencies. The condition helps secure a portion of every transaction that goes and is distributed right to all holders. Thus, creating a fair impact for everyone.

Benefits in Rise Protocol

1. Token Rebase

Token Rebase was originally pegged to Ethereum with a strong "Supermassive Black Hole" deflation mechanism.

2. Dynamic pegs

Fully adaptable to changing market and investor behavior, the stake can be changed to any asset or asset class (BTC, DOT, LINK, USDC, etc.) in the future. This will be controlled through the government.

3. Frictionless Results

2% of every transaction (except purchase) is distributed instantly and automatically to all Rise holders. You will see your wallet balance increase with every transaction!

4. Automatic Liquidity Producer

1% of each sale is permanently locked in liquidity, which means liquidity and an ever-increasing sales floor

5. Liquidity Provider Rewards

1% of each sale is automatically distributed to our liquidity providers as a reward. If you provide liquidity, your Uniswap LP tokens will automatically increase in value over time.

How does the Rise Protocol work?

Rise Protocol runs on the Ethereum network, the world's most popular decentralized platform. With a large number of advanced technologies, such as frictionless results, dynamic and adaptable pegs, powerful deflation mechanisms, and automatic liquidity generation make Rise Protocol the world's most advanced token rebase.

A percentage of each buy and sell transaction is distributed automatically to all holders which means additional tokens for doing nothing but holding tokens in your wallet.

The problem with the Rise Protocol.

Other rebase tokens have a static peg that can never be changed, which means that when market and investor sentiment changes, they fail to adapt to it. The Rise Protocol solves this design flaw with our adaptable and dynamic pegs. This allows for flexibility and adaptability never before seen in token rebase.

The raise is unique and can be attached to any asset. Our starting stake will be set to 0.01 ETH. It also uses "lag" which controls the amount of rebase so as not to overly inflate or degrade our supply. If the lag is 5 and we are entitled to a 100% rebase, that divided by 5 gives a 20% rebase. This ensures the sustainability of the project coupled with other deflationary mechanisms. The lag can be adjusted depending on market condition.

What are the advantages of Rise Protocol?

Rise Protocol has the unique ability to define any asset class or asset combination. Other rebase tokens have a static peg that can never be changed, which means that when market and investor sentiment changes, they fail to adapt to it. Rise Protocol solves this design flaw with our adjustable pegs.

Unlike other rebase tokens, Rise also combines frictionless yield gain to prize holders, automatic liquidity creation, and automatic reward distribution for liquidity providers.

the other token rebase will remove the token daily from your wallet if the token price is below the benchmark. The ascension protocol has a strong deflationary mechanism whose effects increase over time. If a positive rebase is not achieved 3 days in a row then a bid adjustment takes place to bring the Bullish price back to the pegs.

The frictionless yield technology is also embedded in the Rise Protocol, which means that by simply holding the Rise token in your wallet, the holder will receive an additional token as a percentage of each buy / sell transaction redistributed to the holder.

There is a 7% fee on all sales. This is broken down into the following :

  • 3%: sent to the black hole, burnt and destroyed forever.

  • 1.5%: permanently locked into liquidity.

  • 1.5%: automatically distributed to liquidity providers.

  • 1%: distributed automatically via frictionless yield to all holders.

There is a 3 % fee on all purchases. This is broken down into the following :

  • 1%: sent to the black hole, burnt and destroyed forever.

  • 0.5%: permanently locked into liquidity.

  • 0.5%: automatically distributed to liquidity providers.

  • 1%: distributed automatically via frictionless yield to all holders.

Token Sale Details.

Rise Protocol is the worlds most advanced rebase token. During the presale period, we are offering 1 RISE token for 0.01 ETH. A total of 37,500 RISE is available for presale. Minimum contribution per wallet is 0.5 ETH, maximum contribution per wallet is 4 ETH. Please register for the whitelist as this will guarantee you an allocation in the presale. Remaining RISE tokens from the whitelist presale, if any, will be offered in an open public presale 1 hour later.

Rise Protocol Tokens:


  • Symbol: RISE

  • Hard cap: 375 ETH

  • Total presale amount: 37,500 RISE

  • Total initial supply: 100,000 RISE

  • Whitelist Presale Begins: February 7th. 2021, 20:00 UTC

  • Whitelist Presale Ends: February 7th, 2021, 21:00 UTC

  • Public Presale Begins: February 7th, 2021, 22:00 UTC

Talking about blockchain projects, then you got a lot of things to consider. In this case, you might enjoy or get swayed by the groundbreaking ideas. Including how the Rise protocol offers a brand-new advanced synthetic rebase token. It sounds pretty legit and worth trying. The idea and its explanation are also clear enough to make people join. So, will you join the project?


Rise Protocol is a fully compliant ERC20 token on the Ethereum network which can be purchased on Uniswap Exchange, CoinGecko, dextool starting February 11, 2021 20:00 UTC. Buy RISE at 40.54 USD, Buy RISE There is no tax on purchases However for Transferring RISE it is subject to 2% tax on RISE transfers. This tax is used to provide frictionless yields to RISE holders and incentivize long-term ownership.


Distribution of Tokens:

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  • November 2020

project ideas and concepts were born. Plans are drawn up and smart contracts are drawn up.

  • December 2020

Beta testing - Extensive testing on Ropsten testnet to make sure everything down to the smallest detail works as designed.

  • January 2021

​Pre-Sale - Investor seed sales followed by pre-sales in February 2021 with bids increased by 37500.

  • February 2021

audit and broadcast - Professional code audit and launch of Rise Protocol at Uniswap.

  • Q2 2021

Q2 upgrade - New partnerships announced to make additional transactions, generate more tokens for Rise holders, take advantage of frictionless results. Launch of the governance platform.

  • Q3 2021

Q3 upgrade - Implement Chainlink Price Oracles to further enhance the adaptable and dynamic peg function. Further improve the rebase dashboard to attract additional bait.

Rise Protocol Team

  • Shuaps - Technical Lead, Project Management & Strategy

  • PBL00 - Branding, Strategy & Development

  • Jamie - Development, Auditing & Strategy

  • Andy - Website, Social Media & Community Manager

  • Radinho - Website, Social Media & Community Manager

  • CJ - Marketing

  • CryptKeep3r - Website, Social Media & Community Manager

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