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RIDERS on the Storm! A Grovid 20 Post!

Riders On The Storm

Last night, my daughter came to my office and said, "Dad, look out the window!"
We go to the window and look outside to see this:

We got hit by a storm, last night. Only lasted a few minutes, maybe half hour at best. High Winds, and I mean high. Gale force or better. 50 knots, maybe a gust or two at near hurricane force (70knots or more) ! So focused, and short, Meteorologists call them Microbursts! A short powerful draft of winds, hits hard. TONS of winds, rains, and then, over, just like that.

This morning, I got up, and went out to take care of the chairs, and noticed my garden got hit, bad!

In the end, I lost three tomato plants, 2 pepper plants. Managed to save 6 of the pepper plants. I harvested all the carrot in the pot. I have two patches of carrot in the ground. I have 6 more Tomato plants in the ground, too. All the cucumber is gone. I picked all the Potato left. There was some rotting, so, only the good ones are here:

One pepper from the broken, wind damaged plants. a half dozen potato, plus a good handful of carrot. I will get about another 10 or 12 harvests of about a dozen carrots each time. Plus, the remaining 6 pepper plants have more vegetables on them.

I picked these from the broken, wind damaged Tomato plants. The other plants have MANY more cherry and grape tomato, still to come. With the pepper I picked, plus these green and red tomato, I will find some Onion, Garlic, and lime juice, and help my oldest daughter make a salsa. I'll let her pick the spicy hot sauce to add... I know she and her younger sister both LOVE spicy foods.

Also, since my Oregano was going to seed, i grabbed a bunch and am drying it now.

It's hard, this time of year. nights get down to cool, very cool, almost Frost. So, carefully, trying to not pick; to let everything vine ripen. I may eek out another few weeks of fresh foods, and then, have to go back to buying from markets for our daily vegetables.

This has been Another Uptrennd #GroVid20

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Tayyab Hasnain
08 Oct

Oo ho, I'm sad to know about your damage in garden because of storm.

It shows your concern & devotion for your garden and plants growing in it .


Bluefin Studios
08 Oct

thanks. it is sheltered and usually survives any wind


Chidiebere Christian
08 Oct

Sorry for the plants you lost to the storm. The weather is very crazy nowadays but we just have to move on in all conditions


Raheem Rao
08 Oct

Oh so sad .

That a bad news that you many tress destroy  due to strom 

May God keep us all safe from such natural  hazards 


Ralph L
08 Oct

Thank God nobody is injured with the broken window particles ...  Also i must say your daughters is very much sharp lol 

But at last the fruits you pick with the potatoes could serve the day ...enjoy


Promise Azuali
08 Oct

Hmm, so sorry about losing some of your crops. I'm so grateful to God that we don't suffer from natural disasters in my country.


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