RFND to the moon 🌚

Hi uptrenndians

I hope you are all good and safe in your homes using uptrennd.

RFND has arranged a big surprise of tippings for you all in the celebrations of new year. Just as we had not attended any party due to lockdown, we are providing you all a chance to enjoy a party of tippings of RFND  and the raining of many more tokens on the 2nd of January.

Come and join  RFND Asia groups to be the part of celebration. Here are the links.


What is RFND token?

RFND Investment owns RFND which is a SLP token, used for staking, tipping, social media outreach and very soon as a loyalty reward.RFND has been founded on Feb 25th, 2020

RFND is a SLP token which is linked to bitcoin cash. You can trade RNFD On memocash and swap it on CCTIP.


There are many SLP wallets available to hold your RFND and other SLP tokens.


 Big announcement for the investors that the one who will hold minimum of 500k RFND in their SLP wallet, they will get cashback in BCH.


​There are many SLP wallets available to hold your RFND and other SLP tokens.

For that purpose you can download Zapit wallet or electron cash which is secure to hold your tokens safely.

​zapit wallet:


If you wanna know more about RFND, you can follow the links to receive more updates.

Further more, you can also join RFND and RFND Asia groups to ask any question regarding to your knowledge.

2021 is going to be the best year for RFND and it will go upto the moon.

​ I am ready to welcome you there.

Yours only,

      Kamran Akbar

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Kenechukwu Ezeme
29 Dec

Wow... I'm very happy that l'm already a part if the two groups but l would admit that l'm still in the dark about some facts about this token.

I will surely follow that link you provided in order to widen my knowledge about this and also learn more about this token

As for the party that will be holding on 2nd January, l will be there ✅


George Dee
29 Dec

Thanks for this bro, I am part of the great RFND family on the telegram group even though my interaction hasn't been great.

Looking forward to the 2nd of January. I will talk to you on telegram shortly, purchasing the token won't be a bad idea


Essa sherazi
29 Dec

Thank you so much for sharing this great information with us. I will try to join the rfnd group. And this is a great opportunity for us to take advantage of


Tayyab Hasnain
29 Dec

Thank you so much sir for giving us a wonderful chance to win some crypto on the eve of new year. I have already joined RFND group ; now let me download wallet so as to keep my tokens safe there.


Adetola Muheez
29 Dec

Already part of the big family.

I hope to get the giveaway too,I guess I'll need to creat a special wallet for it..I'll keep up with update on RFND asia 

Thanks mate


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