Review Veriblock (VBK) - Review Veriblock

 1. Pretty good idea

 Veriblock is a project implemented to create a layer of security for new crypto projects by sharing highly secure consensus protocols from large projects like BTC, ETH ... for new projects.  there.  -> Note only applies to projects using the Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

 2. Groups and advisers are experienced security professionals.

 Justin Fisher - CEO.  He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Internet bandwidth, web hosting, financial services and information and telecommunications.

 Maxwell Sanchez - Co-founder and CTO

 A developer with 5 years of experience.  Co-author of the Proof-of-Proof protocol.

 Tim Stall - Director of Development

 Experienced developer in 6 companies.

 Josh Rack - Blockchain Engineer

 A developer with 20 years of experience.

 (picture below)


 Antony Di Iorio is the co-founder of Ethereum, CEO and co-founder of Decentral & Jaxx.

 Bo Shen is the founding partner of Fenbushi Capital and BlockAsset.

 Bill Shihara - founder of Bittrex

 Andrew (Flip Flip Fillipowski - CEO of SilkRoad Equity and co-founder of Fluree

 3. Community

 Potential for market growth: High

 Popularity in social networks: low

 Twitter: 2,200 subscribers

 Telegram: 8,500 people

 Facebook: 122 subscribers

 4. Partner

 TrueEpic - a platform to test photos and videos.

 Bittrex is an American cryptocurrency exchange.

 Bloq is a company that provides complex enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

 5. Route

 Not clear, cannot evaluate

 6. Competitors:

 not available

 In the medium and long term, it is impossible to assess the level because this is a new idea, and no one has done it yet.  But only support for projects using POW.  If you intend to hold long, please consider.



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29 Nov

I understand all the conditions I will try to make no mistake



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29 Nov

thanks for review...



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29 Nov

Nice review also ive never heard of this project so will look into it a little further



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