√Review| The cricketer; celebrity and politician ^°Imran Khan

Are you inquisitive in examining the story of a guy who put forward $60 million to benefit the misery of humanity? (Dropping the pilot)This gentleman who are well known for his revolutionary ideologies; Yes I am conversing about Imran khan the most influential Muslim personality who clenched international fame through his hard work and philanthropy.

This biography of Imran Khan(1953-2006) is written by Cristopher Sandford.

There are 10 chapters in this book; starting from "only a game" and end all rounder rounder"

My findings in this biography;

  • You will find out many truths related to  Imran Khan's private and professional life. His initial journey and making history in Cricket history is quite inspiring. (The downhill struggle)

  • No doubt his capability and leadership made the Pakistan cricket team a world champion in 1992. (Captain and crew)

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  • His personal life may have controversies but you will locate a devoted Muslim and committed husband inside him; he never let his country pride down weather it's regarding the rewriting religion of Jemima Goldsmith(if they say they we're squeezing the ball) or putting forward voice for the sufferings of Muslim countries.

  • This gentleman always comes forward to use his freedom of speech to counsel and for endorsing justice. (All-rounder )

  • His entry into politics was a shock for corrupt and disloyal people; he raised his popularity standard because of his hard work; devotion; honesty and loyalty.

  • You will find many aspects regarding the personality of this lion by browsing the book.

"I can't stop now; it's in my blood"

I hope you will love to look over this fabulous book;


I am a book lover; I love to read a variety of topics; I don't stick myself to only my liking; thereby I use to obtain knowledge from numerous religious; artistic; conventional and informative books; novels and articles.

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Lubna Kokab
23 Nov

Well said. Imran Khan is one of the most honest leader in Pakistan histroy of 73 years. He wants to make Pakistan an Islamic state but there are too much difficulties so that we are fall in crisis and now people become disappointed to president so everything looks like impossible. Hope for the best just.


Ayesha Malik
23 Nov

I guess you will love to read the facts regarding his professional life in this book;

Although it only covers the era of 1953-2006 you will know how much he has struggled.

I have given review.


Maha 🇵🇰
23 Nov

Imran Khan is the legendary cricketer and an outstanding polition of our beloved country. He have proved what he had said to do and became an inspiration for the youngsters of Pakistan. 


Ayesha Malik
23 Nov

No doubt he has substantiated himself by handing out revolutionary ideologies:

His journey took a considerable turn when he took an oath to assist and guide the helpless  Pakistani folks by entering into politics.


Cherry Harryianne
23 Nov

-Reading this article..He is truly a package of a human with a big heart for being a philanthropist and an iron steel for those who do not so good things!.He is a man of commitment, to serve the nation unselfishly, if only all the leaders have the same character like as him..👍. With his personal life, even if it has controversies, it's still normal because he's human and nobody is perfect..his life is really colorful!

Well researched @ Ayesha! Informative..and inspiring too!😊

Blessed day!🌷


Ayesha Malik
23 Nov

Truly he is the iron man;

His philosophies are beyond the description;

He is most famous among youngsters as he influences them with his mind-blowing thoughts.

Now thankfully he is the prime minister of Pakistan; all his previous success is there to show why he is being loved and respected.

I am so grateful to you for such a comprehensive contribution 🌺

Keep it up dear💗







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