Review of Literature on Arthritis

In this article, Ajzen asserts that the theory of planned behavior among human beings can be effectively supported by empirical evidence. This behavior can be easily predicted through the attitudes of individuals and the particular intentions that individuals depict in their entire lives. Additionally, the personal traits of individuals play an instrumental role in determining their personal disposition and entire life. It is worth noting that this article does not give a specific number of individuals used in the research. However, it only emphasizes the fact that individuals will always exhibit different behaviors in line with their traits. It is advantageous because of the enormous explanations and examples it offers to understanding arthritis. Nevertheless, it exhibits limitations when it states that the evidence to determine human behavior is limited. The outcome indicated that the theory of planned behavior plays a crucial role in determining attitudes and subjective norms.Read also: already written essays 

In this article, Aronson, Wilson, and Akert study social psychology among students. They affirm that social interpretation of different matters such as the arthritis condition will always vary among different individuals because of the varying personal psychologies. Therefore, the population will always be expected to exhibit different attitudes toward the different conditions that may occur among individuals. The survey method of study was utilized to conduct a research on about 200 students across different schools. The article is advantageous because it utilizes the survey method that is beneficial in delivering results that are more reliable. The key limitation of the article is seen in its reliance of psychological studies without the provision that individuals can easily alter their psychological affiliations. The outcome of the study was that effective psychological guidance among individuals helps breed the right attitude and focus toward maintaining a better and accommodative society.

Boult and Altmann are of the view that many conditions such as arthritis are becoming common in the contemporary world and individuals are experiencing enormous problems in trying to regulate such conditions. For instance, arthritis leads to the inflammation of the joints but the chances of continued medical care and approaches to treating it are declining over the years despite the high level of medical research. It is important to enhance research to the direction of discovering cure for the six critical and non-critical conditions or else the human race will be in trouble. The researchers utilize the survey method to conduct the study on about 60 hospitals involved in medical research relating to different conditions. This article is advantageous as it utilizes the survey method, which helps bring out reliable results. The limitations are exhibited in the fact that it does not propose the most effective ways to future research in the six critical and non-critical conditions using the survey method. The outcome indicate that research into the different conditions is ongoing but the future of further discoveries is nor promising.

In the studies conducted by Brady et al., it is indicated that interventions can be adopted in dealing with arthritis. For instance, physical exercises may be utilized to facilitate joint stability and ensure that patients operate effectively. It can be seen that the Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) Arthritis Program has played an instrumental role in offering the required interventions. The methods of study entailed the creation of three sets of screening criteria in line with consultations with experts. The screening interventions were categorized as Recommended, Watch List, and Future Possibility. This method of research is advantageous because of the accuracy of the results delivered. However, it is limited by the fact that it takes more time before the results can be delivered hence delaying the research. The outcome indicated that interventions such as physical exercises could play an instrumental role in dealing with arthritis.

The goal of this article was to monitor the progress of healthy individuals with the aim of promoting and emphasizing the importance of self-management education among these individuals. The study was focused on weight loss and overall effective living among people diagnosed with arthritis. The study entailed the monitoring of 3 healthy people using the observation approach of study. The key advantage of this method is that it offers first hand information, as it is direct. On the other hand, it exhibits limitations as it may lead to poor judgment among individuals. The outcome indicated that effective counseling among people suffering from arthritis was important to improve lives through effective living.

The article talks about the differences exhibited by different individuals within society. Individuals including those suffering from arthritis will tend to exhibit different psychological behaviors and this is heavily proven through their daily actions and approach to the overall life. In the study, about 1056 participants from both genders were utilized to establish the theory of reasoned action theory. Questionnaires were utilized in this study for the collection of the ultimate results. Questionnaires are advantageous because of the wide range of information they present. However, they are only applicable to individuals who can read and write and this can limit the outcome. The outcome indicated that both personal and social factors play an important role in determining one's social behavior and approach to life.

In this article, Fishbein and Ajzen suggest the fact that Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) can be an effective behaviors change intervention based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). CBT will be an important intervention as it assists individuals work in line with a particular behavior that can help change their approach to life through health counseling. The research was conducted on about 50 participants and the observation method utilized in the collection of results. This method is advantageous because of the reliable nature of its results. It is limited by the fact that individuals can fake their behaviors hence affecting the results. The outcome indicated that the understanding of behavior could play an instrumental role in psychological counseling of individuals suffering from arthritis.

Geoppinger and Lorig talk of interventions to lower the effects of chronic diseases with enormous focus on arthritis. The key intervention suggested in this article is exercise among patients suffering from arthritis. The authors also suggest that arthritis can be dealt with using medications as prescribed by medical practitioners. It is crucial for individuals to stick to these interventions for effective recovery. The study was focused on about 100 individuals with arthritis. Interviews were utilized to collect the results and the feelings of these individuals about intervention strategies. Interviews are advantageous because they offer first hand information that is more reliable. Nevertheless, they exhibit limitations, as the information presented may not be genuine reducing its reliability. The outcome showed that interventions such as exercises played a crucial role in arthritis management.

The study by Hirano, Laurent, and Lorig was aimed at bringing out the importance of education for patients living the condition of arthritis. Arthritis patient education is important as it ensures that these patients are able to lead a healthy life with the required levels of disease management. The article does not disclose the exact number of individuals utilized in the study but it utilized surveys in determining the importance of education among individuals living with arthritis. The survey method is advantageous because of the ease of collecting large information. It is limited by the long time taken to collect the required results. The outcome of the study indicated that education guidance is crucial in bettering lives among individuals living with the arthritis condition.

Neuberger, Kasal, Smith and Hassainein focused on the importance of exercise and aerobic among patients with arthritis with the key focus on the determinants of these processes. It is important to establish these determinants before advising one to take part in either aerobics or exercises in the management of arthritis. The study was only conducted on 20 individuals diagnosed with arthritis. Observation was utilized in the collection of results. The observation method is advantageous as it is highly reliable in terms of the collected results. However, it exhibits limitations due to misjudgment. The outcome indicated that aerobics and exercises strength is determined by the extent of joint inflammation among these individuals.

Notani conducted the study to explore the dimensional structure of perceived behavior control (PBC). This study was also in line with the study of attitudes and the overall conduct of individuals. This was aimed at determining the relationship between the intention of an individual and its relationship to the behavior exhibited. The study was conducted on two sets of graduate university students. One of the groups was composed of 227 participants for intention prediction and the other had 110 individuals for behavior prediction. The confirmatory factor analysis and the regression method were utilized to analyze this data. These methods are advantageous because of the consistency they maintain in data analysis. Nevertheless, they exhibit limitations in terms of difficulties in forming conclusions at the first instance. The outcome of the study indicated that affective attitudes play an instrumental role in predicting intentions among individuals.

Philbin, E., & Miller, T. (2010). Cardiovascular fitness and health in patients with end-stage osteoarthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatism, 28, 99-105.

In this article, Philbin and Miller conducted a study to investigate the cardiovascular strength and health among arthritis patients and osteoarthritis. This study was conducted through the analysis of the medical records and the history of these patients. The study involved the analysis of the history of 30 patients in the determination of their cardiovascular strength and health. The interview method was also utilized in this study and was focused on asking medical practitioners across different hospitals on their findings. Interviews are advantageous because of the reliability of the first hand information presented. They are limited by the fact that information may be easily manipulated to meet the required intention of the research. The outcome indicated that cardiovascular strength and health among patients will vary from one patient to another depending on the intervention strategies adopted.

Reads research focused on renewing energy among individuals suffering from arthritis. Recycling the performance of individuals suffering from arthritis will depend on the intervention strategies embraced in dealing with their conditions. The survey method of study was utilized in this article and it focused on patients in different hospital settings. This method is advantageous because of the ease of gathering adequate information. It is limited by the complexities in gathering information. The outcome indicated that arthritis patients could live a normal life and participate in all other activities with proper intervention strategies.

This source focused on the behaviors adopted by individuals toward facilitating the management of waste. The authors emphasize that the attitudes toward behavior management will always vary among individuals at all instances because of the different attitudes and mentalities that exist among individuals. The interview method was utilized in conducting the study in about 20 different houses with the intention of establishing the approach to waste management. This method is advantageous because of the wide range of information that is collected. It is limited by the chance that information could be manipulated by the participants. The outcome indicated that the approach taken toward waste management would depend on the attitudes of individuals toward their environment.

Yelin and Callahan focused on the social, psychological and economic cost effects of the arthritis condition among individuals. The condition tends to limit individuals in the social sense, psychological sense, and entails excessive costs in relation to economic effects among individuals. The research was conducted on 110 participants using the survey method to collect the desired outcomes. This method is advantageous because of the ease with which information from large populations can be collected. It is limited by the extensive time taken to collect the required information. The outcome indicated that arthritis has far-reaching consequences socially, psychologically, and economically among all the affected parties.







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