REVAIN (REV) now trading on Atomars

Atomars Exchange is proud to announce the listing of REVAIN (REV) with the trading pair: REV/USDT.

Revain describes itself as the first trustworthy review platform built with blockchain technology. All user reviews are written in the blockchain, providing transparency. No one can change or delete them, including the Revain itself. This makes review manipulation by any party nearly impossible. 

Revain's goal is to give the community a single source of trustworthy feedback about projects, goods, trademarks, and other entities., the reviews platform, has its origins in the crypto industry.

Revain's tools include:

  • Blockchain technology which provides trustworthiness and transparency for reviews.

  • Tools (widget and API) that allow other services to integrate Revain reviews.

  • Custom AI which analyzes all reviews and filters out low-quality ones.

  • A useful tool for companies to manage a relationship with their customers.

  • Authentic and high-quality user reviews on all global products and services.

  • One of the benefits which every user can have while progressing through different levels is rewards. Gamification system allows users to earn RVN tokens for detailed and high-quality reviews.

To start trading REV today, visit

ZERO 0% trading fee for REV/USDT pair until 8.12.2020

Learn more about REVAIN:

- Official Website:

- Twitter:

- Telegram:

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