Uptrennd community continues to be very supportive at fishing out spammers and reporting them for further investigation and all. It is our desire to guide users to understand the terms and conditions of this platform. However, it is quite disheartening that there is a vast number of users attempting to game the system by spamming generic comments; some intentionally indulging in spreading numerous low-quality comments and various other copying comments from various sources/other users. Unfortunately, users spreading low-quality comments have ways to give themselves up, as Uptrennd posts speak it all. Imagine a user with awesome and well-written posts since day one of joining this platform, decided to massively spray low-quality comments for the sole reasons of gaming upvotes. This is entirely unacceptable and only deserves massive downvotes and 1-time guidance and warning to show the user the way a good comment should be, which reflect the beauty of the post rather than a few words coined from the post title. Trust when me when I say we are watching. Correction in love is our primary objective.

Do well to read the post

Reading a post helps Uptrenndians to see through the heart of the writers, and it is so impressive that reading posts can be very easy and will not consume your time.

Add more value to the post with your comments

Great comments have a great way of attracting positive vibes from the community while the low-quality comments can be noted by a mere community member.

Why you should not spam or write low-quality comments

Well, every user has a reputation on the platform and the fact that we keep track of previously muted users and variously downvoted comments; is indeed a very bad one for the bad actors. 

Why you should REPORT the bad actors (Spammers and Low-quality comments and posts)

We Sincerely appreciate to all the Spammer Bounty Hunters, you guys are the best. So proud of how far you guys have come. You guys are the reason the entire platform us clean and not overrun by spammers and low-quality posts/comments.

Keep up the good work and we are glad to continue to reward your excellent community loyalty.



Isha Ilyas
19 Nov

Exactly, it's our duty to protect this platform from low quality contents. 

I think, it is the best option to downvotes those who are still doing some  spamming.. 

Let's awake everyone :) 🙂 


Chioma Mat
19 Nov

Some users of this platform doesn't read to the end, there by commenting out of point and sure you will attract downvotes,there is always a punishment for that, is better to read and comprehend than attract downvote for spam


Adegbe Gift
19 Nov

So many post about spamming yet some wouldn't listen, I frown at low content post and comment, why? Because the platform is against such and we the users already know yet we go against the rules.

I have seen people talking entirely out of point, something that is very far, not related to the post, and when you try to caution them they backfire you with downvotes.

We should try to obey the rules and regulations, obedient is better than sacrifice


Ifeanyi Obasi
19 Nov

Spamming is something that will continue as long as new members join the platform and old members go rogue..

That's why I don't get tired of warning those I cone across and reporting the persistent ones....

Spamming devalues ones image, it should not be the order of the day


Omoniyi Popoola
19 Nov

I restrain from upvoting generic comments and at times if I can, I'll write a reply under such comments why is wrong to post generic comment. 

There was an happening in this forum I believed strengthened spammers even though the post was in good faith. A guardian posted about forum decorum when the warrior tribe was seriously downvoting spam comments and it almost spiral out of control between the guardian and UU chancellor. The impression created then by the UU was that guardians were supporting spammers just to keep the numbers in the forum. 

With this post, I'm sure we will get back to downvoting spam







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