Reminder post of my giveaway😉

Asalam o alaikum

Dear uptrendianns

And   greetings to all my dear uptrennd fellows...

I hope you guys are enjoying uptrennd ...

I have noticed now a days many members who couldn't use uptrennd because of busy schedule are back again here on the platform... warm welcome to everyone....

Some of you have already known that i have organized a giveaway contest for my beautiful community of uptrennd and i highly appreciate everyone's efforts...

Here is a reminder post of my giveaway....

This is very unique and intresting giveaway contest i want everyone to participate and get a chance to win some amount of 1up ....

I have received so many amazing entries from all of you and best thing is that many low level users are also participating i appreciate them seriously you guys are amazing✨😇

If you haven't still participated in my contest

 here is the link go and check all the rules and do participate this contest is for everyone don't worry if you are on level 1 you are also eligible🥳🥳🥳

Send your entry ASAP i wish everyone a huge good luck for contest because for me everyone is winner 💕✨

Image source

 I have created on CANVA



Amal Fatima
30 Nov

I submitted my entry already. 

I read mostly entries, I love the way how everyone comes with new thoughts and ideas☺️

Everyone entry is amazing. 👌

Best of luck to all participants 🤞


Amber Kashif
30 Nov

Thanks for the reminder @saqib Ajmal.

The contests are a great source for bringing the quality on the platform.  They help in highlighting the work of low level users who produce quality but do not get the feed back they deserve.

Best wishes for everyone.

I have submitted my entry. Waiting for the results now.


Fatima Joyo
30 Nov

This is a great chance to grab huge 1up reward i have already participated now I'm waiting for the result i just hope I'll win 🙄😍 good luck to everyone who has participated... best thing of your contest is that everyone can send entry there is no restriction...


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
30 Nov

Inshallah I am very happy this time that so many users have participated in it which is a source of pride for me.


Fatima Joyo
30 Nov

Hahhah yes and you know the reason is lockdown and vacations because of free time everyone is back at uptrennd finally... 


Sehar Shah
30 Nov

Walaikum assalam @Saqib.

No doubt, this is a amazing Contest in which I have already participated and now I am waiting for the winner's announcement. 😁

Hope my name will be among them 😍

Best of luck to all 👍👍

The best will win InshaAllah


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
30 Nov

Welcome ❤️ best of luck 😊I am very happy to know that you have also participated


Ishmael Kelechi
30 Nov

I haven't participated too because of my tight schedules and whatnot. I should visit the post and see what to do about it much later. 







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