Remember me?

Remember me?
I'm the one who used to shout,
to speak, to write, and to unshroud
things that are, or might have been,
who used to laugh and cry out loud,
for calm-slayers are things he's seen.

Remember me?
The very voices in my head
that haunted me and made me write—
the ones I used to push and curse—
came uninvited day and night.
I only knew I want them when,
of course, they finally heard my calls
for freedom—no for loneliness.

Remember me, Remember me
as the one—the foolish one—who didn't know,
when overloaded by identities,
which to cherish, which to keep, and which to throw,
who wishes now he's kept the one that matters
and took the risk of being crushed below.

Remember me
as a sailor or a fisher with an ax,
out of anger, or despair, or maybe boredom,
not seeing what he has but what he lacks,
starts making holes, wondering which one kills his ship,
and only when he's overwhelmed by the leaks,
would he remember he's not half as good a swimmer
as needed to outlive his deed and not to sink.

Remember me
when the last echo of my dying scream
would fade away. Remember me
when all that's left of me would be my ink.

Header photo of me, Text first posted in my steem/hive blog



Adore Eu
03 Mar

I hope you are not drowning in the pool. Of course I will remember you as my first tutor in UU,  that one that believes in BBM team that we can make it and we still have remained stronger with none missing. I remember you as that lover of couscous, haha. Welcome bro, nice to head from you again.


Hazem BenSalem
04 Mar


That one thing I think I did right 😊

I miss those days :)


03 Mar

Wow , got a nice one here

It's really a write up to be remembered.

Keep it up 🤓


preview not available Dotun Awosika
03 Mar that you in the post image, that is super hilarious and helps to express the full composure of the poem. It seems all scary and fun too.


Hazem BenSalem
04 Mar

Haha yeah that was me

The photo was taken as joke at first

But the, as you said, I thought it fits perfectly with the poem


Jean Young
04 Mar

As always your writing is superb. 

I wonder what came first. You diving on that pool gave you the inspiration to write, or you writing this poetry has made you to dive on that pool to give a justifiable header image to these verses? :)

Don't doubt, I will remember you, for your warmth, compassion, writing skills, travels and adventures shared here and for being a respectable "Uptrend tutor"!


Hazem BenSalem
04 Mar

Haha they came seperately

The only link between them was that I found the photo in my computer when I was looking for a good header hehe

And thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot to me


Jean Young
05 Mar

It was a good header alright. Hope you did not grow some fins! ha ha ha


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