Remember Australia this time Last Year?

"There is no evil that doesn't come from good."- Juan Ruiz de Alarcón

Starting a new year comes with the best feelings, good feelings with good tidings, but the omens for starting 2020 as a new year were superbad, just few days into that year, Australia was in flames this time last year, with more than 1 billion animals estimated to have died in the devastating event. As large as 800 million of those animals were estimated to have been killed in New South Wales alone, according to experts. And there was the US/Iran war, it escalated not knowing these things were a prep to a global pandemic. In the midst of anything, either good or bad, prayer is needed. Often and daily for those trapped in world hot spots, war zones, the people who caught the virus and for the lost souls.

The good year came with Conflicts/wars(US vs China Cold war, US s Iraq), natural disasters and then a global scale pandemic. These and many more are the many of the "faults in our star". The Australia inferno brought fears of extinction as Millions of animals were roasted to death in a never ending carnage as a result of wildfire. Birds, hectares of lands burnt, and both the Australian fire fighters and international relief efforts are battled to contain it for weeks.

The good was entering the brand new year, but we never envisaged the evil in it. But, irrespective of the domestic troubles we all have in our various places, regions, we still need to show empathy to those who are going through more difficult and life threatening moments. These are our families, friends, Blockchain friends, partners and even lovers. If something terrible happens to them it hurt us all, therefore all we can do is pray or donate things to relief them during this trying times.

We never know the evil that is coming with this good and new year 2021, but we hoped its a refilling one that replenishes all the things we lost last year and the years before; life a Battery that is been re-energized!


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Raheem Rao
19 Jan

Yes i remember how fire burn everything   near it and  so many days continued. 

No.doubt  they are  in different regions but are humans   .

So we should always pray to God to save all form such natural hazards 


Captain Philips
19 Jan

You got a great memory my friend.


Ishmael Kelechi
19 Jan

This time last year, Australia was caught up in a wildfire that destroyed the the forest and killed a host of animals were burnt to death.


Captain Philips
19 Jan

Exactly what is stated in there...


Hameed khan
19 Jan

We must help others in difficult circumstances. Then in repent others will help us in difficult circumstances.

I know when forest fire occured in austrailia. That days were bad days for all of us


Captain Philips
19 Jan

Oh yes, helping humans and animals in such hard times is very important to the survival of organisms in an ecosystem.


Ifiok Eso
19 Jan

Hmmmm, enough have happened in the past and recent times. But we re optimistic that this year 2021 will be better. We can't keep suffering and fighting..


Captain Philips
19 Jan

Affirmative, no evil comes without good. Its like ying yang 


Mimi Jay
19 Jan

I remember sometime last year when Australia was on fire and lots of lives and properties were lost in the process. But the good thing is that it's all in the past and this new year brought new hope and dreams to the country as a whole...

Let us just pray that such fire outbreak and natural disasters doesn't surface there again 


Captain Philips
19 Jan

Hopefully its a good year, where we recover all we lost to the year 2020


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