• Allah Almighty has created many creatures in this universe. Every creature is endowed with an intellect. Just as man migrates from one place to another for his own comfort, so do animals migrate for their own protection and food. Today I am going to give you some interesting information about the migration of animals in Africa.


  • Africa is a place where there is huge timberlands, fields, waterways, deserts and mountains - the African nation of Tanzania has the world's biggest plain, the Serengeti. A large number of cows, deer and zebras assemble here to munch. An expected 2 million cows and deer and in excess of 50,000 zebras move together. 

  • The reason for their relocation is to get new grass and water and they generally pursue the downpours, ie any place it rains, these creatures run to this spot in millions. We comprehend why movement is done, yet later on you will acknowledge how perilous and awful this relocation is. 

  • From Tanzania to Kenya, these creatures cover a distance of 500 km every year, going through different backwoods, fields and waterways. With millions in numbers, it is likewise an uncommon open door for hunters who anticipate this relocation consistently. With regards to lions, they have an uncommon region wherein lions prowl to invite guests. 

  • An expression in English is mainstream (security in larger groups) which means the higher the number, the better the opportunity of endurance. These creatures assemble in the stormy season in a field where plentiful grain and water are accessible. This spot is ideal for coordinating because of the delicacy of the event. It is a wonder of nature that large number of female cows and deer mate together and bring forth posterity simultaneously. 

  • While relocating, these creatures arrive at the Mara River, which streams on the line of Tanzania and Kenya. The stream streams exceptionally quick and the shore is very inclining. This stream is additionally called the ridiculous waterway in light of the fact that there are many streams in this stream. Nile crocodiles are now in snare. 

  • Showing up at the mouth of the waterway, the initial creature dares to hop into the water, at that point the entire crowd hops into the water before him. With such countless creatures hopping, the creatures fall on top of one another and get harmed. There are some of them yet fish chasing and there are lions ahead for the individuals who cross the stream. In spite of every one of these perils, a particularly number of these creatures arrive at their objective in the fields of Kenya, losing a couple of lives. 

  • Their cadavers are dissipated in the stream Mara, which are eaten by fish yet are discarded by a large number of vultures of nature. Enduring creatures gather in the field, and the females that are brought into the world in the belly bring forth a large number of children in seven days. I increment dramatically. 

  • These creatures live in similar field for a couple of months until the youngsters become completely independent and afterward relocate again to Tanzania Serengeti, where they began. 

  • This extraordinary relocation has been going on like this for millennia. It has not had any effect.



qasim gilal
27 Feb

Wow 🥺🥺🥺

So much large number of zebras move together.

This scene of large number of animals would also be amazing.


27 Feb

Waoo!! . i Lov to play With Animals....These are looking so Beautiful and Nice ....Allah Created EVerything........You hav shared VerY interesting Information AbouT zEBrA...


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
28 Feb

It is amazing how animals in search of subsistence move to places where they can have access to water and food, it must be wonderful and surprising to see all these animals move in herds, nature is incredible and it keeps so many facts that we should know.







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