Relief from stress and tension

Relief from stress and tension

  • According to medical research, stress is the leading cause of death apart from terrorism. According to the World Health Organization, stress is a major epidemic of the 21st century. Stress is a disease that is transmitted from person to person and our relationship is most affected by stress. Stress is detrimental to human health. Stress is also the cause of most business ruin. This is also the reason for most heart attacks.

  •  People suffering from stress forget the pain of death. They find death easy to get rid of the pain of everyday life. Every one of us suffers from stress at some point. This is a natural process given to man by Allah Almighty. You can save yourself from stress by self-management. The more you manage yourself and keep yourself organized, the less stress you will have.

  • Anyone with a lack of self-management can have stress management problems. Stress can be greatly reduced by following the following steps and some useful tips for self-management:

 List of causes of stress

  • Make a list of things that have caused you stress in the past, such as failing an exam, loss of business, or other domestic issues and mark things beyond your control then learn about the lessons learned from these involuntary incidents. Think

Learning from experience

  • Many tragedies in your life may have given you a good lesson and this lesson will be very useful for your future life. Make a list of lessons learned from involuntary events and mistakes in your life. A man who learns more from his experiences. Can avoid more than stress

The spirit of sharing

  • Create a spirit of sharing among yourself. It will reduce your stress. It is very difficult for a stingy man to manage stress while a generous man can easily cope with it and stress runs away from him.

Ability to spend money

  • Economic stress is also related to stress. Most people are not able to spend money even though they have good money and they are stuck in financial problems despite earning good money. If you do not have the talent to spend money. If so, the hard-earned money will be lost, ie the stress of making money and then the stress of running out.

Getting out of the shell of your caste

  • After the death of her young son, a woman went to Gautama Buddha to alleviate her suffering. Gautama Buddha gave her an earthen pot and asked her to bring grain from the house in the city where she had not died. Kar came back because he did not find the house where death did not take place and he said that knowing the sorrows of others, my sorrow is gone and my suffering is gone, so get out of the shell of your caste and the sorrows of others. Try to share the pain. Stress relievers are places like hospital referrals and cemeteries

Past, future and present

  • Past sorrows and future worries are the two thoughts that make a person stressful. Today's man should try to live in the present by forgetting the sorrows of the past and the worries of the future. Enjoying his present time is also a natural cause of stress. There is a cure

Strong relationship with the Lord

  • Present your problems to the Lord. Bow down and prostrate before Allah. Leave planning for your happiness and success and surrender yourself to the best planner. Your stress will go away automatically.

Stress Management Practices

  • Just like you don't like anyone interfering in your life, stay away from other people's affairs

  • Make room for change in everything and do not make it final. It is very possible that the reality of what you have heard or seen is something else.

  • So not fulfilling the expectations is also a cause of stress, so do not set unnecessary expectations from others

  • Prosperity is not about making more money, it is about using it properly, so make money and build the ability to spend it.

  • When you look at the world through black glasses, you will see darkness everywhere, so change the way you look at life.

  • Stress is not always bad. Sometimes it is for the good. Positive stress gives you energy to move on. Use that energy and do something good.




Hamza baig
25 Aug

We all need to work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren't worth the fight



Javeria Khan
25 Aug

Always remain in strees and depression weaks us physically and mently.

we feel boaring and disturbed in stress and depression condition



Muhammad Yousuf Mushtaq
25 Aug

will be happy to leave us in trouble 



Abdur Razzaq
25 Aug

WHO told us exactly what is reality
no doubt
tension and depressions are the inner killer of the person
these are the destructiion of a person
we should come out from them as soon possible... and should engage ourselves in a positive activities 



Joseph Dare
25 Aug

Stress is not good for the body, it can one to be down and frustrated. Find something worth doing to relieve you from stress like doing some exercises



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