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Relationship tips

How to stir the ship?
I want to speak on only three things:

1#Don’t try to change him.

Women are notorious for trying to change their men. They think things like, “If I can get him to lose 10k and above, then he’ll be more attractive.” Or “If I can just get him to stop playing video games or watching football games, I’ll be happy.” Or “Once we get married, he’ll change for the better.”

Take this important piece of advice – if you don’t like how he is RIGHT NOW, without any changes, then you shouldn’t be with him. Period. Because you can’t change him anyway. It just won’t work.

2#Teach him how to treat you.

The behavior you allow from another person is the behavior that will persist.

So, for instance, if early in the relationship he starts yelling at you when he’s angry, you need to correct him by gently saying, “I don’t’ appreciate you yelling at me. I deserve to be spoken to with respect. So, until you do that, I won’t engage in this conversation.”

If you don’t, it’ll only get worse.

3#Don’t be bitchy.

It’s easy to be bitchy and moody. But does anyone want to be around a person like
that? I know I don’t.

Constantly spewing negativity at your man will make him want to avoid you.

Be kind and loving. Stop the bitchiness and ramp up the respect instead.



Idongesit Ubong
03 May

You are speaking right. Most people, men and women alike, think that ,they have the veto power to make their spouse, be just as they want automatically. It's wrong,  most especially doing it with force. This can jeorpodise the relationship. 


benson edet
04 May

That is true but the most thing is for us to maintain the tempo and the love will do it magic


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