ReImagine 2020 --- 21st August 2020

ReImagine will be kicking off another online event on the 21st August for another 72 hour session which will be jam packed full of events and interviews from alot of top names in the crypto space.

Some names from last time around were Craig Wright, Jeff Kirdeikis,Warren paul Anderson, Mark Yusko and so many more that i would be here forever listing everyones names. To check out the previous event you can go to ReImagines socials which i will list at the bottom.

Check this post out on Uptrennd for details on how you can get Free tickets to this event below..

There will be hundreds of speakers in attendance again this time around, and thousands of students this is sure an event nobody in the Crypto space should miss so get registered and get your free ticket ready.

ReImagine Socials listed below for your convenience.







preview not available Adelan o
21 Jul

Another moment when the best of the best gather to discuss and forge ways to enhance the crypto space.

Reimagine is the place to be for all crypto enthusiasts and newbies too.

I should register and get my free ticket.

Thanks Steve


Bad Shah
21 Jul

It's very good news đź‘Ť

Hope it's causes to increase the value of 1up 

I just vist and Fallowed REIMAGINE all platform 


Shawn Allye
21 Jul

That would be the revolutionary chance to listen to some native speakers and champions of crypto space, without wasting a second I will get my free ticket to the event.  


Syed Umair
21 Jul

Last time when REIMAGINE_2020 conducted the online event I actively participated by attending live YouTube transmission and also ready for this opportunity as well.. 

Thanks for the reminder. 


M- AhmAd
21 Jul

I have already read that post and I am waiting for this event. I have already registered myself on Reimagine.. and I hope it will gonna help me a lot


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