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Red Red Raspberries #GroVid20

Last Year's Crop Of Raspberries!

Last year, my Raspberry bush was like a weed, growing everywhere. I picked about a bowl a day, of fresh berries. I had a hard time reaching into it to pick fruit. Late fall, the bush got trimmed back a lot. If I was doing it, probably no where near what they did, but, I wasn't around that weekend, and it happened. I spent much of winter, upset some, and sad, thinking, I would get nothing this year, and that the bush was dead. I was wrong! This year, it's growing Healthy and Strong!

There's actual green leaves, and it is growing very nicely. I wonder if maybe I was too timid in my pruning in years past? I will do a little searching online for some tips on Raspberry fruit.

IN addition, I planted some more things yesterday and today. I moved the basil plant outdoors, into this pot, and planted some oregano seeds, and more basil seeds.

I also started the cold weather lettuces:

I couldn't find any of the Buttercrisp lettuce seeds, so I ended up buying seed tape. It's an organic paper, with seeds between two thin sheets. The paper breaks down fast and the seeds are evenly spaced and in a nice row. For me, I think the butter crisp is the lettuce I eat the most. Big, broad leaves, and a light flavor. I use them to make lettuce wraps, as well as salads. I know the pic above shows it all floppy and floofy, but, its windy today. I put the phone down, and could straighten before burying only as centimeter deep.

Here's a little PEAS update:

...More updates, coming soon, on the Zucchini, Carrot, 

tomatoes, peppers, and more!

Another Uptrennd #GroVid20

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In coming posts, I will update my garden plans and show you progress


I am planting 3 kinds of tomato, 2 kinds of potato, carrots, cucumber, peas, corn, and a few kinds of lettuce, and in the early fall, I am planting Brussels Sprouts. Also, I usually plant herbs, too. Right now, I have oregano, parsley, and basil growing inside for cooking. Outside, I have a mint plan my grandfather brought over from Greece, when he came to America in the 1920's. 

I have a cutting growing indoors, too, from his plant.

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Muhammad Yaseen
25 Apr

Wow amazing 😍 you are doing great job to gardening in your home. It's very useful our life.


Bluefin Studios
25 Apr

I try to keep at it, a little each day.


Oketola Ibukun
25 Apr

Thank for the update, can't wait to see your garden, upgrade as soon as possible and show us the progress.


Bluefin Studios
25 Apr

I can't wait, either... soon, sooooo soooooon!


Linda .
25 Apr

Thanks for the update,those raspberries look so yummy,I wish I could get my hands on some, you're really good at this,kudos


Bluefin Studios
25 Apr

Those were last year... and I made 16 jars of raspberry jam. Also had a bowl of fresh berries each day.


Ubong James
25 Apr

You have a nice garden 

Its actually profitabel getting things done by yourself these days


Bluefin Studios
25 Apr

AND, it means buying less food from someowhere else!


Adekunle Sherry
25 Apr

Wow, you did a great work broh,keep it up


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