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Before his death, a father said to his son, "this watch of mine was given to me by my father. Which is now 200 years old. But before I give it to you, take it to a goldsmith and tell them I want to sell it. Then see what he costs him."

 The son took the watch to the goldsmith. Coming back, he told his father that the goldsmith was costing him 25,000, because he was too old.

 Dad said now go to the pawn keeper. The son returned from the pawn shop and said that the pawn keepers are costin7r.g him 15 hundred because it is very much used.

 At this the father asked the son to go to the museum now and show them this watch. He came back from the museum and excitedly told father that the museum's conductor had priced 8 crore of this watch because it is very rare and they want to add it to their collection.

 On this, dad said, "I just want to let you know that in the right place, you have the right value. Do not be angry if you are unaware of the wrong place. Only those who recognize your value will be the ones who give you heart.

 So recognize your value, and do not stay in a place where your value is not known."



Hafeez Rehman
28 Nov

A 👍 practical example that will be remembered for a long and everyone tells theirs owns to be understood that what they are.


Muhammad Rizwan
28 Nov

Thanks for commenting. My goal was to help people understand the story


Balogun Godwin
28 Nov

That is right. Whatever you do in a place where you are not valued will be a waste. Take your services or whatever you are doing to where it is most needed.


Dr. Numan Tariq
28 Nov

Such a great message through this story.... Yes standing on the wrong place can hide your identity and qualities... Find your best place and show your talent what you have hidden inside you.... 


Muhammad Rizwan
28 Nov

Thanks for reading my post.  I hope you had got the massage which i want to convey.


Tayyab Ali
28 Nov

That is the great lesson for son to know his value in the market. We must work hard to upgrade our value.


Chidiebere Nze
28 Nov

When we talk about value, people think of non living things like money and commodity, we often forget that there exists human value. Just like goods, the value you place on yourself is the value people will accord to you, it's your self-worth.


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