Recharge your inner batteries!!!

Trenndians greetings! Hope all are enjoying 2up Tuesday and having a nice day.

We often use word recharge for our phone battery. It mean the capacity of delivering of device is going to end we need to recharge it in shape of electric fuel to make it enables for work again.

Some times we looks good physically but feels off . Loose attention and focus with some mess ups. It is a sign of deficiency in the inner batteries. It is the time to recharge your soul.

Prayers is most simple way to recharge your soul. You should be grateful to Almighty. Praising and gratitude should be compulsory part of our prayers. Praise him on what you have , Don't Keep focus on what you want.

Sitting alone in calm place and keeping quiet also a way to recharge your soul. Because your soul has a great intrection with nature. Your body has more ratio to water which is a basic component in nature.

Good inspirational books reading also a valuable way to generate energy to your soul. Always read books in a calm and peaceful place as library or center. 

Other things like a good bath , switching off the routine work and go out for your favourite food, buy your favourite perfume , met with good friend , watch a comedy movie , laughing louder etc are the beneficial for recharge your soul. 

A peaceful and energetic soul keep body moving forward which is important to your success. Love and care of your inner batteries of soul yourself.

Thanks for reading.

@Amjad Ali Waince

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Abubakar Usman
02 Mar

This is very useful abd encouraging words of wisdom, really believing yourself and be nice to yourself is the best way of living in peace. Thanks for sharing your post is very important to us.


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

Thank you so much abubakar for your time.


Abubakar Usman
02 Mar

You are welcome sir, it my pleasure.


preview not available Emaan Ali
02 Mar

Wow👌 Awesome concept❤

Sir, I agreed with you, sometimes we feel down due to circumstances and at that time we need to recharge our inner soul. The methods you described for recharging our soul are the easiest and best methods. 

Well done Sir.✌🏼


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

Thank you so much Mam for motivational words. 


Abdul Qadir
02 Mar

really nice words when u are alone u analyse yourself find what is missing u can concentrate that time

prayers can make impossible to possible 


Saima Idrees
02 Mar

Yes you are right, sometime we fedup from the daily routine, we are doing all things but we couldn't get inner satisfaction, tht is only possible when you are close to Allah. When you are spending time with yourself.... so remain busy but in positive way.... also have time for your self in the form of prayers.... 

sitting in front of Him really boost our energy and reduce the problems... 

thanks...  stay blessed.....


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

In our routine life we forget ourselves . Running behind the needs and wishes makes us tired so we have to generate some time for ourselves.


Gilbert Boniface
02 Mar

Thanks alot for this. 

People go about their normal life not caring about their spiritual life if it's recharged or not.

No, recharge your inner batteries daily which is our spiritual life.


Amjad Ali Waince
02 Mar

It is need of the day and for better tomorrow.


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