Reasons Of A Failed Marriage


As compared to old days, now a days divorce ratio is greater. Personal and social grudges, controversies and one sided expectations have led marriages to become weaker. I am here with some of the reasons behind failed marriages which shouldn't be motive behind this relation.

▶ People always finding rich and beautiful partners, results appearing other than the expectations lead to failure in marriage. Nobody wants to marry less than what they desire or consider less satisfaction of their egos.

▶ Mothers are always concerned about their sons and daughter in law, about everything they do and are not ready to apportion their sons and his assets.

▶ Husbands always trying to rule a woman regardless of her choices and wants. Forcing a woman to do what only they desire. Dominating man's married life is almost a failure.

▶ A woman not giving priorty to her husband and his wants. Not considering his likes and dislikes, always rules by her own choices.

▶ Both sides families indulging into the marriage and prescribing their methods to retain or sort the matters of the couple regardless of accepting fault of own and throwing blames on opposite.

▶ Expecting that woman or the man would change his/her lifestyle for other and will move forward by considering likes and dislikes of corresponding person.

▶ Parents of a woman or man aren't trying to accept their son/daughter's fault. Suppoting son/daughter even if they know he/she is truely wrong.




Adegbe Gift
29 Oct

You're right, most parents always look for men that have money, if they're not wealthy they won't agree to the marriage,

some mother's don't look at the background they're concern with his job

some men are just controllers they don't want the woman to make her decision, they always claim to be the head

some times women are the caused, they don't know how to talk, they don't consider his dislikes and like there by making the house hot 


Captain Philips
29 Oct

I humbly asked to add to these beautiful points: 

Social media standards is something that is also ruining marriages in the present days, comparing virtual relationships on social media platforms has brainwashed thousands of people. Its even hard to get a decent partner to date due to this cos the mentality of some ladies i have met is just deformed and I wonder how these girls would cope in their marriages if they eventually get married.


Mira G
29 Oct

Yes, you're right, this are the major reasons for the increase if divorce.

Mother's don't always look at whether their child love the man, all they wanted is for her to get married to a rich man, always looking at his job not his character

Some women don't know how to run a a home, in every marriage you must know what partner likes and what he doesn't, try to abstain from his dislikes to have a happy home. 

In Africa men are always consider to be the decisional maker, they don't give room for the wife, she can't make her choice all because she's married.


Mimi Jay
29 Oct

All these you've mentioned are very true,  especially when families and parents try to run the affairs of the new couples..  

Some mother in-law goes to the extent of packing into their home to live with them and this ruins everything... 

Also when a wife doesn't prioritize the husband and give him proper time and attention,  it gives him the room to look else where and begin to cheat to get satisfaction outside.. 

This springs up lots of issues and scatters marriage within a twinkle of an eye 


Fayhvee .
29 Oct

When people marry for the wrong reasons, the marriage will fail... When one's reason for getting married are because of material things like wealth,  one's beauty/appearance, fame etc...that marriage is doomed to fail from the start because when all those parameters are removed  from the equation... then there's nothing left of the marriage... Marriage should be built on a strong foundation... that's the only way it can last







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