When you almost use all of your thoughts to give but in the end is the endless, absolutely heartbreaking disappointment, do you still want to keep a person or something that is no longer worthy of  you anymore or not  Of course there will be two answers.  People "have" accept to let go of their hands and those "do not" accept in their hearts.  I don't know how you will do it, but please choose the right way so as not to make your heart more scratch.

 Feel the happiness that is close by, but cannot be caught, cannot feel.  Is it true that the pain has magic power that makes people sad, frustrated and heartbroken, and then bury their feet in the muddy puddle called "vicious circle."  We can always get out of that situation ourselves, we just want it or not.

 The hidden corners we have been through, only we understand, not someone else.  Having taken away something of the past, you should choose an appropriate time and throw it away.  It's a bit cruel, but it will make you feel relieved.

 Time may make relationships deep or dull, but just patiently put in your big enough, the right people and the right way, and the end result will not disappoint.

 A person's life is either short or short, long or short, can be likened to a wheel of fate rolling around with arising, stopping, just not knowing when to stop and where to stop.  Human life has inherently lost moments and cannot be found again.  But I believe: "Just being in the present, you most appreciate and learn to appreciate what you have and those who deserve each" moment ", even if you have a very little time.  If you have a certain amount of presence then you will feel at ease and move forward with calm and steadfastness.

 * Momentary: a short amount of time / extremely short time like the blink of an eye.



Hooriya Sheikh
22 Oct

Wow this is so beautiful photography 

I love this thanks for sharing


Saira Kakar
22 Oct

I think we have to improve ourself and get lesson from our failure and workhard for success we have to ignore disappointment of others


Ezekiel Bola
22 Oct

This is very nice. I enjoyed reading this post. Creative thinking in display. Thanks for coming up with this.







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