Disadvantages of not studying

Study is the eye of man which gives him wise eyesight. Study gives man the hand that takes him out of the hour of difficulty and study is the weapon that makes man win the war without fighting.

If I start losing the benefits of the study, I don't know how many days or years I will spend, the benefits will not end.

In today's world, the Internet has taken the place of study and knowledge is disappearing.

I want to turn my topic around a little differently because we are gathered on a platform where all the content is real. And it is being claimed that after reading it, points are given and guardians are appointed to check the quality of this material and they give points according to the quality.

But I have noticed a little bit different here that the material is seldom read and tested. There is may be anyone lucky person whose content has been tested and given points. This is a negative aspect that our old and senior friends should consider.

The newcomers here are more focused on how to get the most points. More points are given on quality.

This space is giving us a rare opportunity to produce the best quality content and all our attention should be on the best quality of content. Even if we don't get points, we will still have real and written material in the form of very valuable assets.

May Allah help us to do the best. Ameen

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Hina G
23 Jan

Study is more important if we dont studing then we face lots of problems like communication difficulty etc.


Muhammad Iqbal
23 Jan

😀Did you study this article?😀😀


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